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Australian govt talked PRISM before Snowden revelations

08.10.2013 05:16

Highly-redacted documents obtained under Freedom of Information laws show the Australian Attorney-General’s Department prepared a secret briefing on the US PRISM spying program months before it was exposed in Edward Snowden’s leaks.

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Hona O Denise 09.10.2013 01:27

Australia became a state of American in the late 70's. NZ became a state last month after the American's lifted 25 years of economic sanctions against NZ in 2009. It cost NZ dearly, but eventually America got its way. The only problem in NZ is the Maori community that make up most of the military and who don't like American's because of the vanishing Indian.


Sean McNamara 08.10.2013 23:20

Scott Ludlum & Nick Xenophon are the last high standing members around Government in Aus.
Ofcourse the Aus government gets on it's knees to take direction from the USA.
Go back to involvment of subversives from US in student Unions & activist groups in the 70's and further back.
If they never left the unions and activist groups, how deep did they get in to things!
I expect the worst until proven wrong but I believe the rats made it to the top.
Anyone noticing this country now has american schools, universities & more announcers from USA, and Large Military Bases, all predicted years ago.

Vote LudLum next election.


Tim Galli 08.10.2013 22:10

The australian govt will do anything the US says. They have no faith in the Australian people. I think they actually fear us.


j.innes 08.10.2013 17:49

Oh no, the Australians too? How many people do they all hire for all of this snooping? No wonder why Obama said everybody is doing it. Are you sure that this asymmetrical knowledge is not abused? I keep looking at that massive transfer of wealth.....


alotta fagina 08.10.2013 16:59

You gotta keep the timeline when making up stories to save face you say the report was prepaired months before the ed snow leak and then go to say part of the blacked out sections talk about analysis of media reporting after the leaks and the only part that wasent blacked out was the demand for clarification by australian senators


peter martin 08.10.2013 15:52

Prism spying part of something much more serious.
Go to a blog by Professor claude Fischer titled:
A crime puzzle; violent crime declines in America
Scroll down to comment by Peter Martin, click the link in that comment, my blog.
The invasion of the middle east was a distraction to stop people finding out what was really going on.


1222203 08.10.2013 14:43

Without leaks from Assange, Manning, Snowden and others, there would be NO information released anywhere at any time for any reason about opacity of government actions that harm the people they represent.


Tora Bora 08.10.2013 13:18

sat 08.10.2013 12:15

SNOWDEN and ASSANGE are Fooling the world by leaking the old news (Published news by media....)

These 2 guys were invented to hide the BIGGEST Conspiracies...they leak small issues and big issues are manipulated.

They dont leak False Flags like 911, they say its not false Flag, another eg. USS Liberty etc etc.

They manipulate the false flags and fool the world that its not false flag


I agree with you, but i think maybe Snowden and Assange don't know that they were fooled. They might be sincere themselves.


Roland Lawrence 08.10.2013 10:51

So with all this spying going on, on an industrial Stasi type scale, terror and crime are a thing of the past surely? Most good intelligence comes from tip-offs and other traditional channels. Not bugging every person 1984 style.

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