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Eyes right! Austrian elections follow Europe’s rightist trend

30.09.2013 05:22

Austria's far-right Freedom Party gained over one-fifth of the votes in Sunday's general election, while the ruling two-party centrist coalition got its worst-ever result. The swing comes amid a Europe-wide surge in support for the far right.

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donriver 01.10.2013 01:11

Islamic influence is now in danger-let's keep it that way!


Gene Rudnitsky 01.10.2013 00:34

This is the real strache (a response back to my brother):

J ust asked Mr. Strache if he has a message to international students in Austria. Told me to get lost in Austrian.


Rod Lloyd 01.10.2013 00:11

The peoile need to take back their sovereignty for there countries, the Globilisation by Big Corps has gone too far in trying to reduce everyones wages to that of the slave labour in India and Chuna with NO benefits or pensions.... they need dismantaling.


Peter Jennings 30.09.2013 23:08

Let's face it. There isn't a party worthy of votes. They are heads from the same hydra. What you have with right-wing tories are throwback policies from dinosaurs pandering to ignorant bigots.


paul paul 30.09.2013 20:55

There are several problems in Europe now.

1)The bankers
2)Zionis m
3)Globalizatio n
4)Many governments ignore people and they continue to bomb innocent nations.
5)Mass third world immigration


Jack Ryan 30.09.2013 20:08

Very good news.

The EU elites in Brussels force politically correct, cultural Marxism on regular people in Europe, plus they make themselves filthy rich, all the time they mouth off about saving all the poor people on the Third World.

And Austrians, Swiss, Dutch, Swedes have the right to reject the Islamization of their societies. Muslims have many, many countries that are exclusively Muslim. Muslims don't do multi culturalism in Islamic societies. Muslims should be happy and stay in their Islamic countries like Algeria, Pakistan and Somalia. Let them do Jihad, suicide bombings against rival Islamic sects.


Stephen Turner 30.09.2013 18:53

Excellent news.


Norbert Edgar Muscat Preca 30.09.2013 13:54

European States populations are realizing that the European Union is a bunch of people getting paid alot for giving a priority to the minorities, while ignoring the Cultures and its Origins... which are what makes us Europeans.


Robin Roberson 30.09.2013 12:41

This is good news I'd say. Europe needs to reject multiculturalism and EU/EuroZone/NATO/UN/ NWO attempts to undermine sovereignty. So does the US. This doesn't mean killing the Muslim invaders in Europe or the Mexican invaders in America, but it does mean freezing immigration and deporting illegals and assimilating legal immigrants into a western-centric way of thinking. And if that is too much to ask, then why do they even want to immigrate west if not because they agree with western ideals? The only other reason would be to undermine western ideals.


fallenAngel 30.09.2013 11:30

To put Alternative for Germany in the context of Greece's Golden Dawn is not quality journalism. FYI Alternative for Germany is pro-immigration based on the Canadian model. Didnt occur to me that Canada is facis. Nor is the EU-sceptisim of the UKIP and others right wing. Maybe left-wing because they fight against bailing out banks and rich investors at the expense of The People... Or common sense, fighting for democray and facing the truth.


Harrie Boerenkamp 30.09.2013 09:27

He is a good friend of Geert Wilders in The Netherlands..
Ye steday on Dutch television in brandpunt!
Think they give no freedom @ all.!

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