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Top scientists to Obama: Ban mutation experiments that will make avian flu more infectious

01.04.2013 19:10

A group of leading scientists – including a Nobel Prize winner - has proclaimed that it is “ethically and morally” wrong to alter the deadly H5N1 virus to make it more contagious for research purposes, and have asked President Obama to ban it.

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Anonymous user 05.04.2013 18:40

We have mastered ignorance by building a Virus that Life itself would require Decades to accomplish.

Anonymous user 04.04.2013 13:03

It is all George Bush's fault! All hail King Odumbo! US - the world's newest third world country.

Anonymous user 03.04.2013 14:37

US strategy arm insurgents to fight in the middle east avoid blame, then kill off with bio weapons

Anonymous user 03.04.2013 13:37

they should wipe out all muslims and kill them all

Anonymous user 03.04.2013 05:45

The rich are creating this to eradicate the masses.

Anonymous user 03.04.2013 05:44

Bilderburgers want world population reduced; It is NWO diktat. US will do its' part I am sure.

Anonymous user 02.04.2013 22:10

USA bioterror weapons are developed by racist rich white people aiming to kill all Arabs & Africans.

Anonymous user 02.04.2013 22:05

Evil empire USA will not stop its bioterrorism. They will try again at Mecca during Hajj pilgrimage.

Anonymous user 02.04.2013 20:36

"They" already have extremely leathal & Biblical bio-weapons made & stockpiled!


Michael O'Neill 02.04.2013 16:16

It seems that asking people politely to stop feeding their addiction - whether its drugs, gambling, power or sexual perversion - is incredibly difficult if not a total waste of time. Its seems like you have to actually stop them somehow since they cannot or will not stop themselves. Hard to do so without some form of repression or violence.

Anonymous user 02.04.2013 15:20

Just keep it away from the Chemtrails creeps...oh this already happening?

Anonymous user 02.04.2013 12:20

What happend to humans? Did they go extinct or on the verge of extinction?

Anonymous user 02.04.2013 10:08

Obama will stop such test,infact they have increase the test to make it more deadly. That's the plan

Anonymous user 02.04.2013 09:25

Liverpool pathway policy to fast track death of over 65`s by encouraging infection in hospitals

Anonymous user 02.04.2013 09:24

Secret UK report identifies 20 million over 70 with poor quality of life better off dead.

Anonymous user 02.04.2013 09:20

Obese and illiterate west will suffer most. Weak immunity no vits & mins govt will kill them first

Anonymous user 02.04.2013 08:39

GoldMorgs Netherlands mustard gas to Saddam, now proliferation of biological ethnocide EWMMM

Anonymous user 02.04.2013 08:34

Civilian Development of Biological Weapons ?????

Anonymous user 02.04.2013 06:58

Mass street protests when people breathing on you will kill you? Nope. Stay in your homes.

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