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Israel claims joint US missile launch in Mediterranean for 'target practice'

03.09.2013 09:02

Israel says it carried out a “joint” US missile launch in the Mediterranean, having earlier claimed ignorance. Russian radars detected two ballistic rockets fired in the region on Tuesday, sparking widespread speculation over who was behind the launch.

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NewsPolice 07.09.2013 04:04

I knew Russia was scared of Israel when they quickly changed their minds about the s-300 deliveries to Syria, as soon as Israel said: "we will know what to do"


Bruce Boaze 07.09.2013 00:39

I just can't wait to see what we find in Syria. There must be something very important for Russia and Iran there. Maybe some never found weapons from Iraq?


Vee Marie 05.09.2013 04:19

The same "practice launch" they did on the Syrian ppl with a chemical warhead.??? Only they would kill their enemies children. Pure evil. I find it very ironic this whole situation. Then having America fight their battles , having our soldiers die or become severely disabled or mentally traumatized for their politic fights. All we are doing is clearing the path for them to claim more land and resources and fighting their enemies so they don't have to, having the world hate us rather than them. Sickening.


Dyer Danforth 05.09.2013 02:09

Gordon Duff has an interesting take: that the Israel fired the missle to provoke the Russians (false flag) & the Americans actually caught on and shot it down. Just google Gordon Duff & key words like Sparrow missle. It's on his Vererans Today site. It's quite interesting.


fran7 04.09.2013 21:26

USA is warmongering with Israel planning to kill innocent Syrian civilians who are so proud of their country they are forming a voluntary human shield to protect the areas being targeted by USA military. USA are the cause of death and destruction in the middle east and Obama does not have any credibility for failing to close GITMO which he promised to do. The cannibal terrorist rebels are using poison gas in a desperate attempt to involve USA by blaming Mr Assad's troops which is totally ridiculous as Mr Assad is winning against the USA backed cannibal terrorists and it would not be at all logical for him to do this.


Harvey Lime 04.09.2013 21:23

Live on your knees or die fighting 04.09.2013 10:20

Where is a Ban Ki Moon ? what is the point of the UN?

My office 3000+ people has began to boycott all US stores as a protest against this evil regime who cannot stop themselves killing people starting wars and telling lies.


I was talking to my neighbour and I was astonished that he too does not belive what Obama is telling us. May more people stand up against these war mongers!!!


Live on your knees or die fighting 04.09.2013 12:16

He is thanking the soldiers becuase they are going to die fighting another needless war for the Rothschilds.

Defend your home land, your, family, moral values and beliefs but sending missiles into populated towns and cities when no one is fighting you - is gutless and immoral there is no gallantry in this war.


toronly 04.09.2013 12:12

It is time for Americans to stand up against JEWbama and his zionist neocon masters. Israhell rules the US government, and AIPAC has most senators and congressmen in their pocket. The zionists even have their own police force in the USA: The DHS. Wake up America. Stop supporting the war mongering zionists!


gary stewart 04.09.2013 12:06

Whenever the US NWO government "practices" ; we know a strike is imminent.
Before 9/11 they were doing a military exercise before they destroyed the twin towers


amjad ali 04.09.2013 11:36

if usa had not released any missile from its ships in mediterrenian then what are you doing there plying hide n seek. the reason obama thanked soldiers because they started refusing wars and no man is of god, not to forget puti envaded afghanistan(not for peace)


Live on your knees or die fighting 04.09.2013 10:20

Where is a Ban Ki Moon ? what is the point of the UN?

My office 3000+ people has began to boycott all US stores as a protest against this evil regime who cannot stop themselves killing people starting wars and telling lies.


Tony Blair 04.09.2013 10:01

It was for target practice on Syria. These idiots wont be happy until we have nuclear war.


rogirl 04.09.2013 09:48

Pure unadulterated provocation on the part of Israel supported by puppet US.


Proud Atheist 04.09.2013 09:13

Iranian truth seeker 04.09.2013 09:01:
--------- -------------------- -------------

Yes, I am aware of some of Iran's capabilities. Hezbollah can cause a lot of damage too. Also, once oil hits $150, it is the end for Western Europe and Japan. You would not need to export nuclear technology to everybody; otherwise you could be in a tough legal position.

We have a lot of differences with the current regime in Iran, but what the Imperialists are doing now is nothing short of Madness. So, a lot of entities with "different beliefs" could join forces against aggression ....


Freesaxon 04.09.2013 08:44

All pals together, I mean what more proof do you need ??


Proud Atheist 04.09.2013 08:39

Iranian truth seeker 04.09.2013 08:31
---------- -------------------- ----

Yes, it is time for Russia to take some initiatives, but it is still wise to distinguish itself as a country respecting International Law. Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Israel should get some taste of lethal power .....

We know that Iran has the capabilities of causing havoc to the Gulf oil industry and crippling the western economies. In case of a war with Syria, Iran has no other alternative but to retaliate because it is NEXT.


Proud Atheist 04.09.2013 08:26

Yefim Feldman 04.09.2013 08:03:
--------- -------------------- -------------

Yes, this is if you can fire them from your Dolphin submarines or Jericho-3 missiles, but the Russians would NOT allow you to do that. They have far bigger capabilities, and their size is a big advantage. Israel cannot survive a SINGLE Hit by Topol-M.

In addition, the Borei Russian nuclear subs, some of which are stationed in the Gulf of Mexico could each wipe out an entire continent with the 200 nuclear warheads that each carries.

Ev en, Israel cannot survive a massive Iranian missile attack.

Your Netanyahu is MAD, exactly like Hitler.

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