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Russia transfers nine warplanes to Belarus to ‘counter massing of forces on the border’

13.03.2014 13:58

Six Russian Sukhoi-27 fighter jets and three transport planes have been deployed at Bobruisk airfield in Belarus. Earlier this week Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko invited Russian forces to fend off potential NATO threat.

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Michael Almoznino 27.03.2014 03:19

NATO lost its mind Ukraine is not even a member in NATO and look what they creating winds of war starting to pick up, lets face it Crimea is a Russian territory de facto, yes they did it in an ugly way but that's how things are done in that part of the world for years


Michael Guy 16.03.2014 20:48

And what would our beloved US Airforce do if suddenly squadrrons of Chinese or Russian fighters were scrambling in 'training missions in Central America and Russian and/or Chinese naval vessels were conducting missions in the Gulf of Mexico and all the while Russian and Chinese agents were urging people abrogate and nullify our treaties to have foreign naval and air force bases like those in Japan, Europe, Korea, Guatanimo etc and started agitaing the citizens of Peurto rico, Guam and all the other protectorates won in the War of 1898 to sececeed


Michael Guy 16.03.2014 20:39

The indebted NATO countries seem intent upon forcing nations to adopt Zionist controlled national banks, like the Fed, or to insure that leaders force their citizens to co-sign loans from the IMF or World Bank. Nations, are being forced to accept the suzereignity of the alliance of1) the Suni oil princes of the Persian Gulf, the same ones who have controlled Al Qaeda since Mogadishu and the USS Cole and 2) the 'too big to fail" International banks and financiers with their dual Citizen plutocrats and AIPAC sycphants an 3) the indebted Fabian Sybaritic sococialist and Socialist International globalist


Johan Krüger Haglert 16.03.2014 16:23

Of course a third world war would be no win for humanity.

L ots of wasted resources like buildings and factories, lots of wasted fuel, lots of wasted money on missiles, ... absolutely no gain for humanity.

U se the money to build a better society or something instead.

Di tch the egoism and fear.


Johan Krüger Haglert 16.03.2014 16:20

Blackberry 15.03.2014 00:27

Legal disclaimer


Bl a bla. Neither side would want to launch nukes and it would be utterly retarded to do.

Both sides act in their self-interest.

Neither side likely is all that interested in getting into even a regular military conflict (and if they did I can't see how it would ever go Russias way vs NATO, but it would be über-retarded anyway and I don't see why Belarus should have any fear whatsoever.
Then again I'm on the "wrong" side and I don't see how Poland got anything to fear at the moment either. Possibly not even at least parts of Ukraine.


Rostislav Babiak 15.03.2014 11:09

Adam Zabawa 14.03.2014 13:05

Be cause of people like you, so narrow minded and ignorant, we might one day see dark skies. But trust me when I say this, there will be no winners after 3-rd world war, only suffering and regret.


Th e narrow minded and ignorant would be the Americans and western Europeans I trust,


Blackberry 15.03.2014 00:30

Michael Garl 14.03.2014 15:07

soon Nato will build Zionist banks


Are you talking about the same Zionists who now control the US government?


Blackberry 15.03.2014 00:27

Adam Zabawa 14.03.2014 13:24

So I have skimmed those comments below and I have a question to all those people who so vigorously express their dream about going to war with NATO and EU. Where does all that hate come from? eh..? Do you understand what you are saying? Let's go and destroy the planet? - YOU ARE SURELY TOO SMART TO BELIEVE THAT THESE DAYS ANYONE CAN WIN A WORLD WAR!!?? Or maybe you're not...


Te ll the Americans that pal.

Unfort unately their view is "it's either our way or the highway"


Gosia Radomski 14.03.2014 22:43

Typical Russian rhetoric- kill all enemies no matter the cost. Seeing options about Russia dropping ICMBs on their enemies is totally idiotic and russian. WWIII would serve NO ONE, unfortunately for us Russia is way to close- Pluto would be to close anyway!!!


Michael Garl 14.03.2014 15:16

Dark clouds gather over Russia. We are in final steps of preparation, soon we will strike Kremlin with plasma ray atomic bombs. Our TXG-5 space ships are ready to invade Russia and kill all Russians.


Michael Garl 14.03.2014 15:10

[quote name='Rostislav Babiak' time='14.03.2014 11:54'][quote name='DF-21 WU-14 Carrier Killers' time='14.03.2014 03:47']

American sky erupts and cities darken .
Chinas electromagnetic nuclear pulse bomb is capable of disableing the electric grid that powers all life in America including American warships.

[ /quote]

Yes yes hehehe, but NATO has plasma ray radio frequency heat transmitted disease bombs made in Zionist factories which will turn your population brains into cat poo and you will all die. Did I mention these bombs are completely undetectable?


Michael Garl 14.03.2014 15:07

Well Russia is paranoid as always, it's funny how such a big nation consistenly bites the dust again and again. West destroyed your Soviet Utopia and will destroy Russia again, this is the end of big Russian people, soon Nato will build Zionist banks, illuminati will shapeshift into lizards in Siberia and IMF will keep 99% of population in Slavery.

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