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Blackwater guards again charged by US over Iraqi civilian deaths

18.10.2013 10:36

Four former guards of the notorious private security firm Blackwater face new manslaughter charges from the US DoJ over a 2007 shooting in Baghdad. The original charges were dropped in 2009, a month before a scheduled trial.

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mergon 09.04.2014 07:19

Blackwater /Greystone =same corporation that goes all the way up the chain to to the white house ,you can keep changing the name of these killer elite that shoot innocent women and children for a laugh !

Given a psyc test in peace time they would locked away for a long time in a nut house ,
America a country that ended up with thousands of soldiers that come home but have the 1000 yard stare !
Then get employed by Blackwater/Greystone the white house backroom boys !


Scott Gordon 21.10.2013 04:56

American Mercenaries for hire.....


God scock 19.10.2013 02:57

yeah one day theyll be stripped naked and dragged thru the streets screaming ...justice will come to you cowardly sc*m...for now they will use their jewish lawyers to squirm their way out


Silviu Costea 18.10.2013 16:57

The "heroes" who dies at wars are just like those... theyre all killers, mercenaries.


Michael S. Queen 18.10.2013 16:20

Academi/Xe/Blackwate r... mercenaries are hired killers, nothing more. They can enjoy no protection from the rule of law. "Rules of engagement" must never apply to those who murder for money. By the way, look at how well dressed they are... the death business must be good... their so-called prosperity is an affront to morality.

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