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Tsarnaev support leaflets spring up in Chechnya, Kyrgyzstan, stir controversy

03.05.2013 18:18

As the probe into the Boston Marathon bombing continues, leaflets voicing support for the attack's surviving suspect have appeared in the capital of Russia’s Republic of Chechnya, in Kyrgyzstan, where Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was born, and in Kazakhstan.

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Anonymous user 16.05.2013 17:23

Reading the comments here... are you people on drugs? How much evidence do you need? disgusting...

Anonymous user 13.05.2013 00:10

Jahar and his brother are going to take the fall for the 3 murders .

Anonymous user 13.05.2013 00:09

Google Gus Baily Former Watertown council arrested 2011 one month before the murders. Weird !

Anonymous user 07.05.2013 16:35

Innocent until proven guilty isnt it? - Seems I have this backwards in this day and age

Anonymous user 07.05.2013 07:01

yes it is good to support the victims but the FBI is responsible for their demise. wake up people

Anonymous user 07.05.2013 06:59

brothers were made to believe they were part of some great mission aiding the FBI but set up

Anonymous user 07.05.2013 06:56

i appeal to journalists out there who believe in truth to investigate this hoax and expose the FBI

Anonymous user 07.05.2013 06:34

the US government is responsible for hurting their own people, these boys were their pawns

Anonymous user 07.05.2013 06:33

i cant believe that americans are so blind so stupid to not see through this conspiracy

Anonymous user 07.05.2013 06:29

i appeal to everyone who has followed the story of the tsarnaev brothers to pray for them

Anonymous user 06.05.2013 18:15

Wake up and smell the coffee u zombies. Them victims r actors. Obama is such a big criminal

Anonymous user 05.05.2013 07:36

russia can't handle it's own problems, also russian population is dwindled down to nothing,soon none

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