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Argentina, Brazil agree on cyber-defense alliance against US espionage

15.09.2013 02:59

Defense ministers of Brazil and Argentina have pledged to cooperate closely to improve cyber defense capabilities following revelations of the scale of US spying on Latin American countries.

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maria 16.09.2013 13:11

Remember what Castro told President of Ecuador that passed recently, 2b careful when visiting the USA & what you eat she might be the next one having cancer & dying from it. When you have beef with a government like this one, they'll back stab you. Be aware.


Wadih-Jean De Richard-De Fayad 16.09.2013 12:28

Uhm, aside buying russian weapons, and other economic reactions for US illegitimate spying on most matters, and even how, when we want to be protected from spying, we have to kill the ''fuite'' at the source especially because they are counting on spying directly from cable, unless you want to go into a race with spiers like weapon race, today you crypt, tomorrow they will decode it, and so on, the more you control the source, you have safe connection, aside that you are taking the risk, of being respied again and again.


Jason Alexander Marshall 15.09.2013 15:58

What do you say, England, lets put up a state of the art SIGINT facility on The Falklands? You provide the sovereign territory we will provide the hardware. Create jobs for the locals!


Commander 15.09.2013 14:04

Americans have worn out there welcome all over the world. Their meddling and spying has proven to governments everywhere that Washington cannot be trusted.

The United States has a long history of illegal, corrupt, and violent interference in both South and Central America.


Rafael Silva 15.09.2013 13:02

The U.S. France and the United Kingdom ENGESA sabotage, the leading arms of Brazil, with the complicity of former presidents. That does not give sufficient recognition to him.
In all tests, was superior to the main battle tanks, against-A1 Abrahms, Challenger-I and the French AMX-40.
Our glorious EE-T1 OSORIO.
Now we import scraps German, Dutch culled from the second category. The Leorpard-1A5.
No t all Brazilians are sleeping, and study the geopolitics.


Doc Frie 15.09.2013 12:59

A needed step considering the USAs history
of interfernce in the region, and the current
USAs leaders apparent disreguard for civil
and human rights around the world..


eslaporte 15.09.2013 12:24

I don't know why US spying is a shock, given the paranoid, structural realism that dominates US foreign and security policy. The US will view this as an anti-US bloc emerging in the Caribbean.
Also, expect the Netherlands to step counter activities in the Caribbean, as it is a very close NATO country to the US and still has colonies in the Caribbean, especially off the coast of Brazil.
The Dutch are spying an Venezuela, while making claims that it's about "counter-drug operations." Any American allies in the area, like the Dutch, need to be kept a close eye on...


Rafael Silva 15.09.2013 12:19

This kind of thing is this the end of the Brazilian monarchy, the republic was established in Brazil for foreign forces controlled these presidents puppets placed with external financing. Neither the British had to go to war chest in the crisis of the British consul. He sent an ultimatum containing abusive demands.
Brazil is being undermined, not to be a global competitor, just being a colony of raw material.
This is nothing new, we've seen it before and you can be sure that we will see again.
But it depends exclusively on Brazil and put your spy to work against.


marcus 15.09.2013 08:23

I wish we could tap the previous president of the United States phone to explain why he LIED to America and our Allies, because one thing for certain, his nose is bigger than Pinocchio could ever be, for having so many young Americans who believed in America, and finding out his only ambition was to go after then man who, and I quote: "He tried to kill his Daddy!!


K K Singh 15.09.2013 08:02

Good show, keep it up UNASUR!


Albert David 15.09.2013 07:12

No apologies, none by the arrogant oligarchs. This is both a US military and business attack on the world. Time for the world to quickly remind the US what the stand for, as they forgot and will soon learn to be humble. Pride comes before the fall.


Raul troche 15.09.2013 05:46

I wish we could tap Obama's phone. Wouldn't that be an eye opener?


Pedro Pupo 15.09.2013 03:50

t-t-t-thanks, Obama!

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