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Brazilian president postpones visit to Washington over US spying

17.09.2013 17:56

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff has postponed a state visit to Washington in response to the US spying on her communications with top aides. Rousseff is demanding a full public apology from President Obama.

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Hal sparks 25.09.2013 05:17

I am so ashamed to be called an American : (


Ron Bockman 19.09.2013 13:25

not coming? aw, shucks, I'll miss her.


Frank 18.09.2013 15:21

The Brazilians now know what astute citizens of the US have known for a long time, every time Obama opens his mouth he is lying.


Snooping Iswrong 18.09.2013 13:08

Dilma for president of Latinoamérica !!!!! Dilma, Dilma, Dilma.


James J Brennan 18.09.2013 11:26

So the Final Solution wasn't good enough for you?


James J Brennan 18.09.2013 11:21

Every little bit helps with the deficit. We should save big on grocery bills if she chows down at home :) And have a bum dia!


K K Singh 18.09.2013 09:59

Good show by Brazilian President as part of UNASUR and BRICS! Hope smaller partners of US in EU learn from others and save their sovereignty!!


Zina Antoaneta 18.09.2013 09:34

[quote name='Steven Duplisea')

It could've been different Barack but instead you chose to listen to Bibi, AIPAC & the old, tired, recycled Neo-Cons in Washington. Your tenure as president has been nothing more than an extension of the Bush Administration..[/qu ote]
Indeed, a wasted opportunity, Mr. President! You could have made a difference! Naively, many people in the world believed in you. Maybe you feared for your skin, you ran for presidency, not for martyrdom. That's understandable. But choosing to become just an extension of G.W. Bush?! That's a shame! Even resigning would had been more honorable!


claudia kling 18.09.2013 09:08

Great Dilma Against US/Imperial power!and' Subversive' Activities of the Pentagon!!


Delete This Comment 18.09.2013 06:23

Florida Oranges taste 100 times better than the Brazilian ones anyways.
Who needs them.
You can keep your oranges.


Murray 18.09.2013 05:43

With 130,000 on the Spy payroll they got you, me and everybody covered!


Autonomous 18.09.2013 05:43

More than 40 percent of US exports go to Mexico, Central and South America. Industrial espionage combined with the Bolivian plane incident make for bad business for the US.


Tiago Lopes 18.09.2013 03:57

Now the Brazilian puppets are turning against the puppeter.


Cannadude 18.09.2013 03:16

That's his golfing day with D Cheney. The falls leaves are in full color on the green.


adani kalombi 18.09.2013 02:09

i feel sorry double standart democracy that has been mocked by west . that really became totalitarian BULLY... lets not forget history book
Pharaohs gone, romans gone, mongols gone,
ottomans gone ,,, they ALL have common goal SLAUGHTER THE WEAK, AND DEFENSELESS


kc 18.09.2013 02:05

it is not enough for Brazil to postpone, Brazil must boycott US.
The world must boycott US.
The world must boycott NWO


Pezzini 17.09.2013 23:53

Brazil now will think more seriously to get cozy with Russia and China. They are already talking about the "BRICs" military jets provided by Russia. All countries, except Brazil who still deal with US. However, with the US spying on trade and business down in Brazil, that country has all the reasons to move away from the US. That is ashame. The US treating Brazil like enemy!! a country that has no terrorists and is ZERO threat to the stealing business, economical info from his "friend".. .good buy friendship.

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