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Brazil’s Rousseff on Canada leak: US and allies must stop spying ‘once and for all’

07.10.2013 14:40

In sharp reaction to the latest NSA leak revealing Canada’s acute interest in the Brazilian mining industry, President Dilma Rousseff condemned the “cyberwar” launched by the US and its allies against Brazil and demanded they stop the espionage.

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Norberto Triemstra 08.10.2013 03:12

Essentially, this is not a "police news" this one as it might seem, namely a bunch of investors bloated with valueless money (US dollars) trying to exchange them as soon as possible for NATURAL RESOURCES before the US dollar BUBBLE BURSTS..., it is about strategy...

The Anglo-Jews are desperately chasing world resources which look more and more dwindling... in order to maintain their POLITICAL and MILITARY control of the planet.


Norberto Triemstra 08.10.2013 03:05

I seriously DOUBT about Canada's independence with respect to the international Jewry, thus: USA, UK and Israel....


Ed Camilo 08.10.2013 02:33

To ask the US to stop spying is like asking a rat to stop being a rat! or, like asking the beast to give up its nature!


Ed Camilo 08.10.2013 02:15

Brasil should slap some sanctions against certain US government agencies.Only then would the USA take Brasil seriously!


Neil 08.10.2013 01:55

Who would have thought. The spying has nothing to do with US safety but everything to do with industrial espionage.

Who woulda have thought that averice is what is driving the world by powerful people who already probably have lots of money. . .


TheWhole0fTheMoon 08.10.2013 01:35

Most brazilians dislike Dilma, a former terrorist and still a communist. She works for the same people at the UN who speak of 'global governance' or one world government. If you have a look at some of her policies very populist and commie, eroding our national sovereignty just like Obama in the USA... Going against 'gringo' spying is her political ticket to win the next election because she is an absolute disaster in everything else, thats why there has been so much noise over this... the bankers and co must be laughing, two different countries both controlled and funded by them having tensions flair... they smell $$$


Ramiro S. Figueiredo 08.10.2013 01:22

[quote name='S Kimbangu' time='08.10.2013 00:24']It seems to me that most leaders are afraid to talk about this except in Latino America. You should be proud to be called leaders because you are really true leaders.
[/quote ]

Nah man, I live in Rio and i can safely say that politicians are politicians anywhere. She talks a big talk but the police brutality and government's abuse of power and corruption are at an all time high. She's just another puppet dressed as a woman(!?).


S Kimbangu 08.10.2013 00:24

It seems to me that most leaders are afraid to talk about this except in Latino America. You should be proud to be called leaders because you are really true leaders.


j.innes 07.10.2013 23:30

Oh no not the Canadians too. Which pair of goggles do I need to be safe from them? Dang where is my pyramid tin-foil hat?


Usslibertysurvivor Burnedhimselfwa 07.10.2013 23:04

Man who burned himself while saluting the us flag in DC is a survivor of uss liberty. US govt is keeping his identity in secret in fear of triggering a revolt in the US. They have found his vehicle in the parking lot with his written statement. Please share you owe it to the American Sailors who died and are forgotten while saving your as es from ww3. The ship was supposed to sink when the torpedoes made enormous holes in the hull. Blaming the arabs while 8 planes armed with Nukes were already on the way when the torpedoes exploded.

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