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Britons reporting record levels of anti-immigration attitudes

08.01.2014 11:55

Despite potential risks to national economic performance, 77 percent of Britons want reductions in the number of new arrivals to their country, according to the findings of a new public opinion poll.

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Keiser Soze 15.02.2014 14:08

The Irish never took slaves, in fact we were used as slaves yet we now have mass immigration in our country. Yet they apply collective White guilt to us as well. This is genocide pure and simple. Time to take a stand. Third World immigrants are not automatically entitled to Europe. Secede from the E.U. we don't need it or its ridiculous destructive liberalism.


Freesaxon 10.02.2014 17:36

So there we have it, the `class system’, imposed White guilt trip, and RAMPANT Liberalism / Capitalism / Globalism / Feminism combined with decades of mass immigration, and gagging of debate result in replacement.


Freesaxon 10.02.2014 17:33

The `upper professional ‘ have been well trained from primary school through to university to carry the `White guilt trip’ further.

Su ccess to these White British consists of Designer goods, a `nice’ car, a consumer lifestyle years & years of further education.
When they `become successful ‘ they feel more guilt and donate huge sums to Africa & Asia.
When I told one that India had its own space program, they looked like I had taken away their Teddy Bear HORROR,
These `professional people have a child late in life, and its generally only the one.


Freesaxon 10.02.2014 17:31

Immigrants arrive with very large families ( some Asians up to 12 ) and proceed to have more.

The `under achieving’ so called lower class White British live in council houses, and have slightly larger families 3 or so.
Tending ( but not always) to be more patriotic, as they live closer to reality.


Freesaxon 10.02.2014 17:15

Britain joined the EEC in 1973, but from memory it wasn’t a full membership until a few years later.

The 1981 Toxteth race riots in Liverpool ( 1981) further weakened Britains resolve, and shortly after the media started on a `thin end of the wedge’ towards a full melting pot.
Blacks wanted fuller access to White women, and that’s what they got. Year by year the media and `government’ have pushed miscegenation further & further now it’s considered to be `racist’ not to think it’s a GREAT idea.
In this climate timid people with an opposing viewpoint shy away from even talking about the issue.


Freesaxon 10.02.2014 16:58

As other posters have pointed out the `collective White guilt trip’ is also used to flatten any opposition to immigration.

Yet as all historians know, its not that simple, nor should it be used as an excuse to exterminate a people.


Freesaxon 10.02.2014 16:46

Descent …. ANGER against immigration has historically been dismissed easily by use of `magic words’

Racist AND Nazi work very well on dim wits.

The fact is the British fought WW2 only to be replaced as a people, and it’s a topic that hasn’t been up for FULL discussion or debate OR A DEMOCRATIC VOTE come to that !

Its too late now, White British people will not exist in the very near future EXTINCTION not that far off and unavoidable .


Freesaxon 10.02.2014 16:37

For DECADES those that saw fit criticise immigration were BRANDED RACIST
Look at the size of Britain and Europe, it’s a TINY homeland that’s been swamped for decades.

It all started AFTER WW2 ( about 1949) when the concept of replacement people became `fashionable’.

The great, late politician Enoch Powell warned Britain about this in his `river of blood’ speech.
His voice was heeded by the Dockers who found their jobs were taken by cheap labour, however HE too was branded, and effectively dismissed.

DECADES have passed since then, and with the passing of each decade the situation has got worse.


Stephen Riley 22.01.2014 05:59

its always satisfying to hear about late night revellers looking for some entertainment before buying a Kebab by urinating and setting alight rows of Eastern European vermin living rough in tube stations. Its so incredible to hear of stories about this human garbage being welcomed into the country by politicians only to start robbing etc in places they are meant to "settle" in ffs


cheesemonster 10.01.2014 23:08

Britain was turned into International Island by the Labour government.
Nobo dy was asked if they wanted this change and anyone who disagreed was labelled a racist.
Immigrat ion to an island should be easy to control but now the culture of my country has changed in a decade.
Only the rise of alternative political parties has forced the main parties to finally listen to the public to keep votes.
My immigrant friends all think immigration is now too much and out of control.
The people of the UK are in general so tolerant that there has been little protest against the situation and new immigrants flock to arrive every day.


Norbert Sachs 09.01.2014 17:57

dancebackthese a 09.01.2014 12:36

If anything, it should wake you up to your history of colonizing other lands
This is how it is, get used to it.
whiny white guys afraid of brown people.


What can todays white people do about the actions of their ancestors? Then also blame islamic invaders for slaughtering masses of european people in the middle ages instead of telling me something about "eternal white guilt"! And if you hate us white people, you're racist anyway.


WMD 09.01.2014 14:29

The world is poor in understanding. Therfore it seeks to hide its poverty behind the veil of counterfeit authority. And counterfeit authority strikes defensive and offensive alliances with counterfeit force; and the 2 put fear in command. And fear destroys them both.
Has it not always been that the weak combine to protect their weaknesses? The world's authority and world's brute force go hand in hand under the lash of fear and pay their daily taxes to Ignorance in wars and blood and tears. Ignorance benignly smiles on all and says to them 'well done!'


dancebackthesea 09.01.2014 12:36

There is no way for white Britons to "go back to the way it was". Multiculturalism is not a "philosophy&quo t; it is a simple fact of the world today. If anything, it should wake you up to your history of colonizing other lands for their resources, and often brutal mistreatment of the indigenous people, because of course, they were not humans, but savages.

This is how it is, get used to it.
The advantage in the Banana Republic of Corporatkistan is that everyone's an immigrant (except for the native occupants that we pretty much massacred), but even in the BPC you get the same whiny white guys afraid of brown people.


mergon 09.01.2014 11:12

Go to London bridge / Westminster bridge any day and see eastern blockers with shell games and phony police scams ,pick pockets, muggers , credit card machine scammers ,ticket machine scammers ,the police even have a special unit to deal with easterblock scammers ,
There are roads in london where they come out to the traffic and sell cartons of cigarettes and packs of tobacco
or drugs , if they were not here the crime figures would drop through the floor !


Alex 09.01.2014 03:08

Britain needs some immigration to meet certain skills shortages. But most Britons oppose uncontrolled EU immigration, because whenever immigration goes uncontrolled (it goes without saying) foreign criminals, and other undesirables settle permanently.

Britain lacks a representative democracy, but has an oppressor by the name of Lab-Con-Dem (opposing the sovereignty many in times past, willingly died for).

Given the EU opposes Russia through Ukraine. Would RT (as an alternative broadcaster in the UK) broadcast a more anti-EU message (and in the process represent UK public opinion, as poll after opinion poll shows?)

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