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First deadly case of avian flu confirmed in North America

08.01.2014 21:40

Canadian health officials confirmed the first deadly case of H5N1 avian flu in North America, following the death of a person in western Canada after a trip to China in December.

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Matthew Carmody 20.02.2014 02:59

I wouldn't expect rt to be the one running alarmist headlines to frighten Americans. Completely useless headline and not really a story at all. Shame on you.


Joseph 09.01.2014 00:55

I checked the Canadian news.
Why is there no mention of the person's identity?
We would have that if he was shot in a school.
Why was he in China?, where did he go?, were others with him? Flu stories always very vague.
What were his exact symptoms? He old was He/ she?
Did he have any other conditions? Was there an out break in that area of China? What do the Chinese Health officials say? Who tested for the disease? Are flu vaccines on the increase now???????


lZorce 09.01.2014 00:31

RockyFjord 08.01.2014 22:57

Ever wonder why all influenzas start in China, or so it seems? I'd like to know, if anyone can tell me? And why all these bird flus start there as well? Is it due to over population?


Due to overpopulation. Viruses thrive in an environment full of hosts to infect and spread. It's nature in action, just that humans try to go against it, making the diseases more immune & deadly.

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