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12yo Canadian boy hacked govt sites, gave info to Anonymous for video games

27.10.2013 21:32

A fifth grader has admitted of being the mastermind behind hacker attacks that took down government websites during the 2012 Quebec student protests and passing some of the hacked data to the Anonymous group in exchange for video games.

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mergon 07.12.2013 11:27

kid gets my vote !


Sammy Gpt 05.12.2013 15:16

Myron J Perry= troll, anonymous mafia? illuminati?
were ya born ignorant or did it take practice?


Sven Red 23.11.2013 17:35

They should be grateful the security flaws were exposed at only $60k cost - if criminals had gained access it could have cost them much more. Kid should be offered a job, or scholarship, not jailed! Unless govt actually want to potentially create another skilled anti-establishmentar ian. Although perhaps from pov of challenging govts & protecting freedoms, the more of these kids the govt jails, the better!


Myron J Perry 30.10.2013 14:49

mafia do this kind of crime daily no one spend time in jail. i would not be surprised if ANONYMOUS part of mafia or illuminati .


Zoro 28.10.2013 18:06

What a democratcy...12 year straight into jail, while top level mafia (as we see what's happening with ordinary people worldwide who rise voices against this, so called "democracy" ;) sits in chairs controling our lives. Did judge think of his kid's soul, what effect can have this on him as person...obviously not.
Instead of threaten him other (human) way, they send kid to jail. This is not democracy...this is "demonocracy&qu ot;.
He ready knows that the thing he did was not right, but punishing him this way is...this words to say.


Aaron Holmgren 28.10.2013 17:51

These laws are just attempts for incompetent administrators to make up for their inability to secure their servers. If little children are getting onto your servers, this clearly exposes your incompetence.... and then you try to cover up your incompetence by blaming the children. If you don't want information on your servers made public, then do your job to make sure that information is not accessible; otherwise, it is in the public domain, and that is what you get for putting it in the public domain.


Aaron Holmgren 28.10.2013 17:41

It is the administrators of these servers that should be punished - not a twelve year old boy for taking advantage of common security flaws.


Goggles313 28.10.2013 15:42

Michal Ostrihoň 28.10.2013 12:48

He only considered to be a challenge, yeah right. Criminals always make excuses, why they did it, but the point is, that he did something illegal, so he should be punished for it.


he's also a kid. kids make mistakes.


Michal Ostrihoň 28.10.2013 12:48

He only considered to be a challenge, yeah right. Criminals always make excuses, why they did it, but the point is, that he did something illegal, so he should be punished for it.


gera toutoune 28.10.2013 12:03

With the NSA on board now. Hacking must be the first lesson to teach the first graders. He must be released very soon.
the Us has every right to care for the security of its citizen though.


Matthew Miskimon 28.10.2013 09:46

Sounds like the movie Hackers all over lol


漢陰陽 28.10.2013 09:08

Children who break ethics should be punished with the maximum extent of the Law. there is no excuse.


Marius Fanfarius Riis Haugan 28.10.2013 08:59

Josh Beardy-Man Foster 28.10.2013 00:15

I'm sure if you can execute DDoS attacks you would also have the means to get your own video games. It seems farcical


Ye s, I agree. Doesn't make any sense!


Christopher John Walters 28.10.2013 04:08

Lights, Camera, Action.. Is RT controlled by Octogenarians ? Reason I ask is what 12 year old Canadians aren't playing Video games they were either given as presents or downloaded ?

Someone is trying hard to insult our intelligence AGAIN !

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