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Ice storm plunges Canadians into darkness and travel chaos (PHOTOS)

23.12.2013 00:41

Thousands across Ontario and Quebec provinces in Canada may have to spend Christmas by candlelight. Over 300,000 homes have been left without power after a winter storm swept through eastern Canada damaging power lines and causing mayhem for travelers.

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Clifford Calladine 06.01.2014 12:45

we in the uk will be hit by winter storms like you have in north america weve had a taster in the uk over the past 7years of what to expect we have coming during the winters to come the sun is going into a low solar minimum cycle anf with fewer if any sun spots its expected to have huge effects on the climate in the uk and europe and it will effect the jetstream causing the type of weather that you in the usa and canada are facing at this moment so you have our sympatheys and good look in the winter storms take care


aikeila 23.12.2013 22:00

Ruben Boyd 23.12.2013 08:47

And nobody thinks : Lets make power lines beneath the ground like most European countries.


Fo llow the money - it's more expensive to bury them than to repair them a couple of times a year...


Bryan Persaud 23.12.2013 20:19

Uhhh... Trudeau is not a city name... it's the name of a previous prime minister... and maybe they changed the International Airport name again. This is Canada, people.. we get winter here.


Amin Jafarov 23.12.2013 13:58

The transformer on my street's intersection exploded


SourceKnown! 23.12.2013 09:37

This is just the beginning, the world storm is coming. Just as it has for millions of years, this planet goes through cycles of weather all the time.

The world will very soon have the choice of act together for every ones mutual benefit or many of us will not survive.

Th ose of you who are reading this and who are sane enough to see the weather escalating globally, you really need to think outside of the box and invest in the right kinds of clothes and technologies!

Before it's too late, learn to respect the power of creation and adapt your behavior to it!


Ruben Boyd 23.12.2013 08:47

And nobody thinks : Lets make power lines beneath the ground like most European countries.


Bob Connole 23.12.2013 07:21

i miss snow. darn you climate change.


WD 23.12.2013 05:29

Second time this has happened this year, actually. There was one back in April (!) that knocked out power to most of eastern Ontario for almost a week.


Crewton Ramone 23.12.2013 05:19

That darn CO2. See, because it's getting warmer, stuff like this keeps happening...

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