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Canadian spy agency ‘dissected’ Brazilian Energy Ministry

07.10.2013 04:49

Canada, as well as the US, infiltrated and spied on the Brazilian Energy Ministry, a new leak by Edward Snowden has revealed. The leaked documents show how the data gleaned through espionage was shared with international spy network the ‘Five Eyes.’

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Snooping Iswrong 08.10.2013 07:57

Time to expel any anglo company from our country Latinoamérica, for good.


Exploring 4NRG 08.10.2013 06:27

All you people complaining about this are naïve children...every single country in this world operates some kind of intelligence gathering network!
Get over yourselves and faux outrage!


Steve 08.10.2013 05:10

We don't know it was Harper's Conservative government doing the spying. It could just as easily have been the sleazy Liberals.

But this spying clearly has noting to do with national security. It's straight out industrial espionage for corporates.

Obama says the US doesn't engage in industrial espionage so.....what....They get the other partners in 5 Eyes to do it for them?

We can't trust our governments to abide by their own rules. Their actions endanger all of us because other governments will feel they have not even a moral need to obey the law either.


h rutner 08.10.2013 00:44

Silly headline using "dissected" ; for obvious industrial espionage for purely economic gain as also done by the USA under cover of "national security". All political disinformation aka as blatant deception or lying originated and practiced by Satan in the Garden of Eden. And worse yet, accusing other nations of doing it while being worse offenders. Bottom line: Disgusting hypocrisy, thanks to God exposed by Snowden and undoubtedly more to come!


DG4 07.10.2013 20:59

I believe that Eike Batista lost most of his fortune due to espionage. They are targeting robust economies such as Brazil to stay on top. For that, any dirty trick will do. They have no morals nor respect. A bunch of psychopaths.


Commander 07.10.2013 19:33

Shame on the Canadian government of Prime Minister Harper. Under the current conservative regime in
Ottawa, Canada has not only destroyed its wonderful reputation as a peacekeeper, but it has now become altogether untrustworthy.

Harper's government takes all its orders from Washington.

By the way, Harper's conservatives received only 39% of the popular vote in the last election.


Leon the Professional 07.10.2013 17:25

Canada has a spy agency? What's it made up of? Harper with a bucket phone? Canada is just useless NATO trash.


Fahad Haroon 07.10.2013 17:11

Canada lied in Parliament that we are not Spying on anyone.


Fahad Haroon 07.10.2013 17:09

Stick with Hockey Canada


Fahad Haroon 07.10.2013 17:08

Canada, Are F--king kidding me. Another puppets of US & Israel

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