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Tourist ship stuck in Antarctic ice

Published time: November 18, 2009 04:53
Edited time: November 18, 2009 04:53

A Russian icebreaker, the Captain Khlebnikov, became caught in Antarctica on Monday, but has now begun moving and is expected to reach open waters soon, according to sources aboard the vessel.

Earlier, a Russian Far East marine cruise official told RIA Novosti news agency that the Captain Khlebnikov would have to wait several days before it could move forward.

There are 105 passengers aboard the icebreaker, most of them British tourists including a BBC film crew which is shooting a new movie.

Earlier, a Russian Far East marine cruise official told the RIA Novosti news agency that the passengers are safe and in no need of assistance.

The ship was reportedly located only five miles from open waters but could not move, as drifting ice was blocking its way.

The ship became stuck near the Snow Hill Island, one of the most beautiful in the local archipelago. The island, which was the vessel’s destination, is famed for its scenery and rich fauna, with penguins and killer whales on view for tourists.


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