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Out in the cold: People suffocate in cars, freeze to death in snow hit Siberia

10.03.2013 12:36

Frost and snow may be no surprise to people living in Siberia, but spring blizzards proved deadly in the Russian region over the weekend. Extreme conditions and a lack of precautions claimed at least 7 lives on Saturday.

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Richardlover1234 Sievert 11.03.2013 05:10

Place little leavers in the sleeves that go from the armpit to the socket of your elbow and in your pants from your crotch to your knees and use generators that run of man-power so when you walk it charges your batteries’ that are sewn into the fabric of the cloths in return - heats the cloths wake up Russia M y drunken giant!


Richardlover1234 Sievert 11.03.2013 04:53

Maybe we could even say they were not that bright in placing so much faith in a system that's taking people's lives’ what’s good for the Gov. Is not good for us WHY? Because they look at you as disposables when their cozy – safe and warm in underground shelters just like- animals who are lower forms of life yes or are they? Are they smarter than some above ground cave people who it seems are just disposable euro- trash’


Richardlover1234 Sievert 11.03.2013 04:04

Driven by forced solar energy through them have amps in the center make them circular so that they could even keep them cool and ultimately fly ‘
People must first start to see that we have geniuses that have not yet been discovered that really want to make things better and virtual power is the key' make a new earth by just looking up past the natural resource that are ruining our planet!
Thes few men that have all the wealth do not care about earth or our future theitr bottom line is profit the same greedy desires that burned the soldiers that protected rome and to this day lay in the bottom of the ocean


Richardlover1234 Sievert 11.03.2013 03:52

There is a way to reverse this nasty miserable weather with just four things maybe if we start treating each-other better and stop desecrating our earth with poisons and nuclear fuels oils, and all the many forms of natural gas and coal and start planting trees and combining technologies into new forms of energy
Like virtual motion clothing have gears in the sleeves or the arms so when you walk maybe your pants could collect power not needing batteries that cause our earth to cough’ virtual mini power plants harnessing the power of air-forced-enclosure s with simply placing generators inside of miniature pipes


Dennis Kent Phd 11.03.2013 00:02

I can only image the bitter cold or Siberia...burrrrrrrr rr!!

Anonymous user 10.03.2013 18:14

Russians tough, have to cope with conditions as they come along. Way of life everywhere.

Anonymous user 10.03.2013 14:23

awesome! (with regards to the snow} sad! {with regards to anyone getting hurt from it}

Anonymous user 10.03.2013 14:04

It's awful how innocent people die due to their lack of precaution.

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