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Iran builds 3,000 new advanced centrifuges to enrich uranium

03.03.2013 15:12

Iran is building 3,000 advanced centrifuges for enriching uranium, announced the republic’s nuclear chief as Israel accuses Tehran of using the six-party talks to “buy time” for producing an atomic bomb.

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Anonymous user 03.03.2013 21:06

Iran better make a bomb quick. Isreal, USA & UK already planning to nuke Iran. Save yourselves.

Anonymous user 03.03.2013 20:23

Iran build the bomb = The Israeli parasite becomes silent. Israel is the real terrorist nation.

Anonymous user 03.03.2013 20:19

God bless Iran. I am with you Iran nation of the strong. You must build the bomb to prevent war.

Anonymous user 03.03.2013 20:12

shame on you Israël. why dont you mind your own business by cleaning your house first?

Anonymous user 03.03.2013 18:37

Yes they want to enrich Uranium.But the US wants monopoly on enriched Uranium market-the real story

Anonymous user 03.03.2013 17:49

Good for them....install more, it's your land, your country, your knowledge...good luck

Anonymous user 03.03.2013 17:29

How many centrifuges has the USA got ?

Anonymous user 03.03.2013 17:17

I believe Iran tells the truth; the West and Israel want to make it look dangerous!


Jim Terral 03.03.2013 17:12

@Anonymous. Motherfuqker is never spelled with a "q". BTW, which mothas did you have in mind bro? Iran? or Israel?

Anonymous user 03.03.2013 17:00

these gais motherfuqkers are playing and enjoying with the World

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