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Two most wanted Chechen militants killed in counterterrorist operation

24.01.2013 19:06

Two men, wanted for at least 5 terrorist acts, have been killed in a special forces operation in Chechnya. The Gakayev brothers were deemed more dangerous than militant Doku Umarov, by Chechen leader, Ramzan Kadyrov.

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Dennis Rhode 16.12.2013 07:38

If Russia's Putin could shut up, and Obama do the same, and if my friends here the w/US Special Ops community & also the Russian FSB's Tactical teams, we'd kill these filthy jihadists/chechen terror groups once and for all.
Both Russia and the US keep fighting over nothing!
We need to end the war on terror...and to do so, we need Russia's toughness and w/our technology, and more importantly, OUR best American shooters, we would win in a matter of months.
Let Russia and the US finally, join forces and get it on! and lets TOGETHER go kill those Chechen losers where they sleep.They hide like scared little girl's anyways

Anonymous user 29.03.2013 07:55

Wow Whizman you are an idiot. Go read a book - then talk. Or just STFU. Kadyrov = Little Hitler.

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