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Russia releases key findings on chemical attack near Aleppo indicating similarity with rebel-made weapons

04.09.2013 16:58

Probes from Khan al-Assal show chemicals used in the March 19 attack did not belong to standard Syrian army ammunition, and that the shell carrying the substance was similar to those made by a rebel fighter group, the Russian Foreign Ministry stated.

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Aleksey Z. 18.09.2013 14:46

Interesting, UN inspectors in Syria documented their work, and photos and videos have been released even before report was produced. What about Russian experts in Aleppo? Nothing! Not a single photo or video showing them at work! Not a single picture of rocket fragments. No map of a place of attack. Nothing! And yet Moscow demands release of evidence that US used to blame Assad. Looks like Moscow learned how to utilize "double standards"


Salil Mehta 09.09.2013 12:21

This analysis of the alleged locations and rebel regions may be of interest. See Statistical Ideas blog.


linkspazi 07.09.2013 16:37

Is there a link available to download and examine the papers released?


Julie F 07.09.2013 03:57

According to yahoo news on Jan. 2013, Washington gave green light to Syria rebels to use gas, and blame Assad. No wonder Obama claimed before the UN finished investigation. Please google yahoo news us backed plan launch chemical weapon attack Syria


Aleksey Yeremenko 07.09.2013 01:21

Kermit Frazier 05.09.2013 03:21

War is a Necessary Part of the Human Experience as long as it does not Impact non-Combatants - Especially Women and Children (which becomes Genocide)

P eace NEVER Works and there is No Example of a Peaceful System in any Sector of Living Beings on this Planet


That's the truth. As long as there are people there will be wars. It's best to realize that and try to live with it along with all our faults IMHO.


Aleksey Yeremenko 07.09.2013 01:15

shaun 05.09.2013 06:17

If USA bombs Syria what targets are they going to hit?
If the bombing is to control chemical weapons, surely they need boots on the ground to secure the stockpiles?
Or will USA entrust security of chemical weapons to the rebels?
Mr Putin stand your ground in the UN


You can bet your bottom dollar USA will strike;
all weapons bunkers, anyplace they think Asaad or his Generals may be at, Russian military installations in Syria (they played hard ball), Syrian air force bases, any weapon facility the USA will say that Asaad could use to deliver chemical weapons.


Aleksey Yeremenko 07.09.2013 01:07

@Serge Ma are you ten years old?

Slaver y or Serfdom existed in most countries for eons. Your not going to convince anyone with your wild rantings. You claimed Stalin never killed anyone or even broke the law. Even Putin admits Stalin killed millions but he stated that it was needed to develop the Soviet Union.
Some friendly advice move; out of your mothers cellar and get a job and goto school. Get an education and forget about posting on RT. USA is going to bomb Syria very hard and you and I can't do anything about it.


Kenneth T. Tellis 06.09.2013 22:34

It was a simple plan that al-Qaeda has used to drag the U.S. into the Syrian Civil War. All that they had to do was create the impression that Assad was using Chemical Weapons and the naive U.S. leader would swallow the bait. Now we have Obama calling for air strikes against Syria, while the al-Qaeda will be clapping their hands at the imbeciles in Washington being so naive to be led by the nose.


Eurovoice5 06.09.2013 13:15

Serge Ma 05.09.2013 19:20

lave labor (American constitution did not even count blacks as humans) and genocide of over 100.000.000 local people


. ..a bit excessive the figure isnt it? Apart from that, the natives died 90%+ because of imported diseases. Concerning the blacks, which were provided in millions by arab slave traders, show me a country in the west (or east!!) where they are treated like equals


Eurovoice5 06.09.2013 13:10

Oh what surprise...then I would say it is Kerry´s job to condemn the attack! Ah no...forgot that he is even a bigger hypocrite than his drone-master O.
America wake up, dont vote for war, it´s suicide to support al Qaida in Syria and fight them in Afghanistan or Yemen

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