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US gave Saddam blessing to use toxins against Iranians

26.08.2013 04:48

As Washington ponders over whether to hammer Damascus over unidentified use of toxic agents in Syria, declassified CIA documents reveal that 25 years ago the US actually indulged ruthless Saddam Hussein to use chemical warfare gases in war with Iran.

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Bijan Duruchi 16.09.2013 18:04

U.S. is again manufacturing a case to instigate more unrest in the Moslem World, in order to further their own Agendas. Which as always very much includes what Israhell wants.
The rebels got their arsenal from plunderring Syrian armed forces depots, besides what they get from the west. The rebels used the chemicals to win over foriegn intervention to their own aid.


traumaqueen45 14.09.2013 20:31

Brano Bezak 27.08.2013 19:21

We should never forget about Vietnam and AgentOrange from Monsanto..


It wasn't just in Vietnam that soldiers were exposed to Agent Orange by Monsanto. Our own gov't allowed them to use Ft. McClellan as a dump site for their toxins for 66 years. Just Google Ft. McClellan more toxic than Camp Lejeune. Yet, our own Government is still denying us medical care from the toxins we were exposed to.


Bijan Duruchi 10.09.2013 20:19

I have seen the fatest Hypocrates with double-
standard s, in cases with quadruple standards
in what is still very much a racist U.S.A.


Bijan Duruchi 10.09.2013 20:13

In the U.S. they have differrent laws and rules for differrent people, they themselves are above international laws.
The only nation to use Nuclear charges in the
prosecution of a war, of all things against two
huge Civilian targets. Now, they are the champion
saint of a non-nuclear Iran. When Iran's more immediate neighbors like the Soviet Republics
and China have no problem with the same.


Far Zad 28.08.2013 09:14

just dropped tears for my nation's innocence who are victims of WMDs and are deprived from their rights. :'(


Soran Rashid 28.08.2013 08:30

US itself used chemical weapons in Falujah in 2003 war with Jihadists militants !


Soran Rashid 28.08.2013 08:25

Nice article, but it has a mistake, Halabja is not a village it is a city !

I am from Halabja ....


Mary 28.08.2013 08:13

The editorial forgot to mention the numerous time the Chemical weaponry was used by Israel in the Lebanon War, and the Gaza War!


Dom Rice 28.08.2013 04:23

Its incredible that the West has sunk so low so fast...we in the west are the bad guys now. I actually depise Obummer


Frank Sigwart 27.08.2013 23:42

obsenity he says......unless it's on Iran.


Larry Williams 27.08.2013 20:32

It's pathetic when I have to go to the Russian news to find stories the US news should be reporting...


Alex Povolotski 27.08.2013 19:38

Double standards, eh? And now the US is ready to shell Syria over its use of chemical weapons.

St ill, all evidence indicates it is the rebels who used the chemical agents. But the UN shelved the investigator's report from Italy.


Brano Bezak 27.08.2013 19:21

Brano Bezak 27.08.2013 19:21

We should never forget about Vietnam and AgentOrange from Monsanto.. And about milion victims..


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