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US gave Saddam blessing to use toxins against Iranians

26.08.2013 04:48

As Washington ponders over whether to hammer Damascus over unidentified use of toxic agents in Syria, declassified CIA documents reveal that 25 years ago the US actually indulged ruthless Saddam Hussein to use chemical warfare gases in war with Iran.

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George Rizk 26.08.2013 15:07

If you control the microphone, no one else can be heard!

The US used spent Uranium shells on the Iraqi soldiers during the gulf war despite of the fact of its superior position. Decades later, many kids are deformed from that ILLEGAL weapon. Who is going to judge Bush or Colin Powell?


..murdoc.. 26.08.2013 14:55

Hanonymouse, Point taken on that, however, the ones who would "nuke" the middle east are the ones who I said where brainwashed into thinking that. I don't like making excuses for people I don't know, but for the ones I do know and the ones waking up to the reality that is this illusion that the usa is the greatest (used to be) and could never do a bad thing and are making some attempt to stop this madness. some are being prosecuted because of their standing up to THE MAN or BIG BROTHER or whatever you want to call it. I agree "WE GET THE GOVERNMENTS WE DESERVE." we also haven't changed much in 10,000 years


fran7 26.08.2013 13:57

USA double standards have come to light in promoting the use of chemical warfare 25 years ago against Iran. This really does show how out of control and inhumane the USA government have become with their endless warmongering and killing of innocent people. They are like bandits with their gangster tactics and aggressive nonsensical propaganda which relies on "throw enough mud and it sticks " rather than logical common sense.


Odest Gresham 26.08.2013 13:41

Those who cannot remember their past will eventually receive sight, the morality of the majority do not forget nor will they forgive atrocities against humanity. We are here to help the blind see & the heart to be free


Hanonymouse 26.08.2013 13:32

..murdoc.. 26.08.2013 12:48

the American people and its shadow government are 2 different entities.


Nah you wouldn't think so if you talk to any online. Most of them think the solution lies in "nuking" the middle east. The rest are all for "murica" going in and "kicking butt" cos "usa #1", you know. In fact very very few americans I speak to are actually sensible. So I don't accept your excusing the people and blaming the government. WE GET THE GOVERNMENTS WE DESERVE.


NSA 26.08.2013 13:25

Lets not forget USA army chemical attacks in Vietnam, using Monsanto agent orange.
The effects of these attacks can still be seen today.


..murdoc.. 26.08.2013 12:48

first off, Americans do travel abroad, just not as many as before. second, the American people and its shadow government are 2 different entities. most have been poisoned and brainwashed in believing what ever is in mainstream news. Third, this news is no surprise to me. it is too bad that the US is close the department that declassifies old documents.( as a way too keep every one in the dark). for those that are awake, we are trying to wake others to these crimes. but sadly it is harder then one would think.


Adam Ant 26.08.2013 12:40

mourad 26.08.2013 12:17

Ever wounder why Americans don't travel abroad?
they are the lowest of the lowest. this is a nation with no concience and no morality.
thousa nds have to die to protect the American way of life :(


You should not confuse the general public of the United States for the out of control fascists in power, they lied to us, Obama lied to the American people. They have lied to us for decades, the NWO is in charge.


Marcel Delon 26.08.2013 11:51

If US was capable of helping Saddam to gas the Iranians back in 80's, my bet is it's also capable of helping the rebels with the chemical attack in Ghouta.


RAMI FIKRI 26.08.2013 11:12

USA's position on chemical warfare a few years ago!

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