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US gave Saddam blessing to use toxins against Iranians

26.08.2013 04:48

As Washington ponders over whether to hammer Damascus over unidentified use of toxic agents in Syria, declassified CIA documents reveal that 25 years ago the US actually indulged ruthless Saddam Hussein to use chemical warfare gases in war with Iran.

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sandra 26.08.2013 19:49

US planned and plotted with Hussein then when the time was just right, the US changed their strategy to get oil cheap and needed friends to back each other for the next take over invasion. People are not stupid anymore and history shows what happened. But, let's not let it happen anymore! Our leaders say lies and they must not be believed. I believed two Bush's lies and now I feel that I was duped, no double duped.


maria 26.08.2013 19:19

I truly don't think USA are based of Americans but rather UK. Indian Native Americans are still suffering on the hands of so called Americans & they are still trying to end there race in the name of oil, metals, land, etc. on supposedly Democracy. Last year it was discovered mass graves of Native children taken from there families. Can you truly say these are Americans.... America itself was invaded & they really never left... America's original people where only Indian Natives & Aboriginal. How can you discover land when that land was already populated... they exterminated most of them (whole America)


..murdoc.. 26.08.2013 19:15

nope just the ones who do stand up get prosecuted, killed, threatened, beaten to submission are the ones who dare to take a stand against the upcoming orwellian government. Expose the truth and either get beaten and prosecuted like manning, chased like snowden, or killed like hastings. nope! no one like that in the US


WorkTogether 26.08.2013 18:57

Successive US governments are the worst in the world! They are supposed to be most educated, refined & upstanding, but even the very finest among them, have not had the courage & good old fashioned guts, to take back their country from the evil besetting their WH. The whole world will come to despise the US as a country of lameducks, able to kill other nations with their WMD, as cunning framers & liars, who spy on the world & smilingly spill the blood & gas others but cannot spill a drop to save itself from the designer suit terrorists ruling their United Stasi of America!


Sanaz Shahbazzadegan 26.08.2013 18:12

Still wondering why US is the most hated country? Where there's oil, there goes US meddling and destroying. All for what? Money!


Ch Ry 26.08.2013 17:47

Freesaxon 26.08.2013 17:36

We won't be hearing about this in Britain, the media give only the official line


I bet you will hear there before you will in america


Freesaxon 26.08.2013 17:36

We won't be hearing about this in Britain, the media give only the official line


Ssozi Isaac Rowland 26.08.2013 17:17

Oh my word!! Can harrdly believe this


Batson D 26.08.2013 17:14

mourad 26.08.2013 12:17

don't travel abroad


Most Americans are on food stamps, the only way they can travel abroad is to join the army.


..murdoc.. 26.08.2013 15:18

But just remember. Those in power will ALWAYS try to keep that power. By any means necessary. regardless of weather the people want it or not, they will be prosecuted, tortured, persuaded, lied to, killed, in order to stay on top. This is not just about the US, it is everywhere, EVERYWHERE! To wake up to reality is a huge slap in the face. then going through the real history ( not your high school books) hits the other side.

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