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Over 330mn abortions in China in 40 years of one-child policy - ministry

16.03.2013 06:39

More than 330 million abortions and almost 200 million sterilizations have been performed in China since family-planning policies to limit the population were introduced 40 years ago, the country’s Health Ministry has revealed.

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Veruca Salt 14.07.2013 17:25

The posters shrugging off China's 330 abortions are ignoring that many of these abortions were forced and late term and that the vast majority of them were of female fetuses. The practice is also controversial to many Chinese who have pointed out that other countries have controlled their population without resorting to mass abortion.

Anonymous user 02.04.2013 06:09

So many people on earth who can't have babies, and there just killing them so they won't be crowded?

Anonymous user 25.03.2013 16:15

Certainly beats having wars to control the population

Anonymous user 25.03.2013 16:12

Population control is needed world wide. China is not perfect but they try to keep it sustanable

Anonymous user 17.03.2013 08:05

Anonymous at 15:24 says China does not have enough females? 500 million isn't enough?

Anonymous user 17.03.2013 08:02

Ben, abortion is NOT killing babies. An unborn is just that until it is given birth to.

Anonymous user 17.03.2013 07:59

Have to control Population, that is way of doing so. No complaint from me, its' thier country.

Anonymous user 17.03.2013 06:21

This deeply saddens me. So many lives lost before they even got to experience anything.

Anonymous user 17.03.2013 01:07

Almost as bad Rockefeller Eugenics program which did forced sterilization in US. Inpired Hitler too

Anonymous user 16.03.2013 22:37

It is good to see honesty though!

Anonymous user 16.03.2013 18:37

Good for them! Can you imagine if all those people were on this planet? We need MORE abortions!

Anonymous user 16.03.2013 18:03

the less fish heads, the better


Codename Taco 16.03.2013 15:48

I think China earned a carbon credit. Because of the abortion policy, they should be allowed to burn all the fossil fuel they want.

Anonymous user 16.03.2013 15:24

China are on brink of a population disaster if they do not stop this. They have not enough females.

Anonymous user 16.03.2013 15:19

resist the NWO!


Eileen Dover 16.03.2013 15:08

If China did not do this, they would have a demographic disaster. Many more people there would be in much worse shape with less resources to go around. I have nothing against this policy.
And shut up about "Human rights!"

Anonymous user 16.03.2013 12:16

its about time every country did the same, when will they all realise that there are too many people

Anonymous user 16.03.2013 09:54

Oh...forgot to include Australia, Maldinas, Bahamas, Caribbean, etc. The number is staggering.

Anonymous user 16.03.2013 09:51

Chinese multiplying almost as fast as the Anglo-Irish throughout N America, Britain, NZ, S Afr, etc

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