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Chinese jets shadowed US and Japanese planes in new air defense zone

29.11.2013 13:38

Chinese fighter jets were scrambled and followed US and Japanese planes that had entered the newly-proclaimed Chinese air defense zone in the disputed area of the East China Sea, Xinhua reports.

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Constantin Mihailescu 15.12.2013 00:15

The US is a crying baby. China has all the rights to do what is doing.
The US also is creating the uprising in Ukraine. I believe Ukraine is an independent country with legally elected government. The EU also is interfered in the Ukraine domestic policy. They want to bring Ukraine at the level of Greece, Portugal, Cyprus and Spain. What is so great to be part of European Community.


pam ezekiel 11.12.2013 11:42

it is better for the 5 +1 to war direcly than using proxy nations


Rafasa Arandas 07.12.2013 11:59

Milton Muñeco 05.12.2013 16:04

China is exercising the same rights as any large military power. The USA has turned into such a cry baby. Pathetic.


Japan and even America are way more popular than China still. Check the world polls.


Brandon Myers 07.12.2013 00:10

Milton Muñeco 05.12.2013 16:04

China is exercising the same rights as any large military power. The USA has turned into such a cry baby. Pathetic.


Be t you cry about the USA everyday


Milton Muñeco 05.12.2013 16:04

China is exercising the same rights as any large military power. The USA has turned into such a cry baby. Pathetic.


Conrad Sharpe 04.12.2013 14:11

That was a bit of a harsh statement to Japan's air force. At this point I can see the reasoning behind china's actions but the flaunting of power was a tad unnecessary. Also, it was very childish of the U.S to take a side and try to berate China without first taking steps to being a neutral power, taking both accounts in to consideration, creating a dialogue between the two, and possibly reaching a compromise.


Rafasa Arandas 04.12.2013 03:45

I don't like Abe much, but would prefer him to the Chinese Communists in a second.


Chris Clements 02.12.2013 23:55

China just needs to raise their currency value by 25% against the dollar and washington will back off...Their cheep currency is enabling our out of control spending on military hardware,,,,


Donald T.M. 01.12.2013 17:30

Good to see these big changes in the world stage scenario. American supremacy in check here and there and yonder.


ctrl-alt-del-enter 01.12.2013 17:08

So much for Pepe's International Military Expertise Rating - why would Anyone Copy the F-22? Over-Rated, Over Budget and Basically Unusable in Combat due to Flawed Theory (yes you may be invisible but you're also lost)

Buy Russian and Copy Those (if you think you can master the advanced avionics)

G as-Saver Features? Really


Pepe Latoga 01.12.2013 16:36

That does not mean that because you were able to copy and manufacture U.S. 5TH generation fighter planes, the operation and actual fighting abilities are impossible to duplicate. By looking at the picture, the F22 is identical to Chinese J-11 but what about the materials, avionics, dogfighting capabilities, gas saver engines, ability to cruise on more miles to cover, super radars and the top secret weapons?? I do not think so. May it will be just another "Desert Storm!"


Pepe Latoga 01.12.2013 16:27

Whose running out of Gas, you?? Or us here in the U.S. In 2 years America will surpassed Saudi Arabia as world's Oil and Gas supplier.We have just started to develop our Shales and it likes we will stop importing in 2 years time. Read the world current events.


Pepe Latoga 01.12.2013 16:22

The time is really closing for the world to see whose Fighter Planes are the best! The F-15,F-18,F22 and F-35 vs. the copied Chinese J-11 and Sukhois. Maybe it will be just another Desert Storm scenario.


Sin Kwong Chong Augustine 01.12.2013 15:08

Well done.. The Chinese PLA! We support you!


Gerhard Umlandt 01.12.2013 06:03

If I were in charge in Chinese government or military, I would shoot these Japanese and American invadors
down. No question. And as further retaliation, I would
throw a bash of 100 Billions of US Dollars of US treasuries into the market per every invading flanker.
To be sure, this dirty NeoCon game would come to an
end at once!


Tyrant 01.12.2013 03:55

Tyrant 01.12.2013 03:55


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