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China claims contested airspace over islands, sets defense zone

24.11.2013 02:16

Japan and US are outraged after Beijing has declared eight uninhabited islands at the center of a territorial dispute with Tokyo part of China’s new aerial zone, warning of “defensive emergency measures” if the zone is violated.

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An Nguyen 09.02.2014 21:33

China just like a big tiger , and it will be surrounded by a pack of small dogs. Japan , Philippine, Taiwan , India and Vietnam will be alliance to stop the suicide dreaming to be a leader in asia/the world. Not counting on the big tiger as US is supporting the alliance. May be this is the prophecy have to be happened. Then the world will have to come together and live peacefully with power of love(GOD). Open your eyes , world's leader , before it's too late to commit your big sin with GOD.


Rafasa Arandas 04.12.2013 03:46

Russia, Russia, do you or do you not remember your own wars with the Chinese? When China rises, what do you think your country will become?


joe pet 28.11.2013 22:16

The chinesse are used to this uncle sam provocation,they'are using japan to play a'very dangerous game that will backfire on them,china doesnt not need support from russia,they have all it take to defeat uncle sam and their puppet in the rigion,have we forgot the korean war how the chinesse dismantle uncle same not to achieve their goal.also with the soviet union how china fought to take what rightfully belong to them and also with with indian how the dismantle the puppet of uncle sam,sis time for uncle sam to realised that their reign and domination is at the end cuz nothing last for ever.


Toshiaki Haginoya 28.11.2013 00:32

It seems China wants war with us.
Just bring it on.


LE FONG 25.11.2013 22:33

Trying to take sovereignities and territories from neightbors is not a good way for Communist China to become the respected super power, in fact, it's just an act of pirate.


catking2003 25.11.2013 13:40

Marx 25.11.2013 03:45

If Japan never grabbed those islands this issue would never had started. The govenment knew that island territory was contested since they surrendered in WW2.


Ja pan actually didn't try to grab these lands. It was the US who gave Ryukyu and all nearby islands to Japan. All the problems in Asia and any other places were orchestered by US. The only way to secure US Empire is to make everyone fight against each other. Think about it.


Andrew E. Jackson 25.11.2013 10:36

China wants more area to its own on the face of the earth?


oskarD 25.11.2013 04:37

The Stubbrn .NIPS. will fight for a dime on the sidewalk the Chinks need to stay on their Shaky Island THEY call the Land of the rising Sun


Marx 25.11.2013 03:45

If Japan never grabbed those islands this issue would never had started. The govenment knew that island territory was contested since they surrendered in WW2. With a immovable Japan and the one that started this problem and China is left to end it. I absolutely support the government of China's call to return the islands as a non-soverign zone so that no one has those islands. This 'resources' excuse is a perfect motive for Japan and explains why they grabbed the islands in the first place. The western propaganda machine is not fooling me.


Zuzu 25.11.2013 02:17

First of all Japan needs to clean up Fukushima mess, they have been polluting our planet since 2011/3. The money they spend for American junk military hardware should spend on cleaning of nuclear pollution.


Tony151 25.11.2013 01:12

Toni Lehto 24.11.2013 15:52

Ex cept Japan, Korea, Vietnam, India, and, oh yeah, Russia.


i dont remember a time where China made war with japan. however, japan did invade China and has a bloody track record across the globe. as far as korea, and vietnam goes, the u.s regime started that. Sino-Indian war- i'm sure the british had something to do with that. Sino-Soviet split, probably had something to do with the usa.


Samuel von Staunton 24.11.2013 21:30

[quote name='matahari' time='24.11.2013 12:40']It case Tokyo and Washington forgets : The Potsdam Declaration restricts Japan to onky the 4 main islands. What is it doing administrating islands south of Kyushu? Moscow did right holding on to the Kuriles./quote]

Indeed. I'm glad I'm not the only one here who's done his reading. Japan surrendered unconditionally and China had the territorial claim. That makes the territory Chinese. Why is there any controversy?

Japan, still under US occupation, is unable to do anything on its own. It smells like a ploy by the U.S. to justify an arms buildup or maybe even a war.


Samuel von Staunton 24.11.2013 21:21

Toni Lehto 24.11.2013 17:26

Many people seem to forget that the Soviets were complicit in starting WWII in the European theater with their then-best-buddies the Nazis, right up until their buddies turned on them. But one thing's for sure the Soviets demonstrated a talent for cruelty and evil that would impress even their former Fascist buddies.


There's a word for that kind of cruelry: war. I suggest you read up on an American named Sherman.

Britain and France declared war on Germany to protect Poland, an extremely belligerent military dictatorship. They made the war a world one.


catking2003 24.11.2013 19:08

Anon Wibble 24.11.2013 12:46

China just wants the oil there. So does everyone else.

There's plenty of good uses that raw materials could be used for, it's a shame that China haven't found any yet. They are just tearing the world apart to make a buck.


unbelievably ignorant. natural resources are extracted and exported every day. if it does not go to China then it will go to Europe or US. due to the low demand without Chinese market, their prices will be a bit lower and exporting countries will be a bit poorer. that's by far the only difference.


catking2003 24.11.2013 19:03

Toni Lehto 24.11.2013 15:52

Ex cept Japan, Korea, Vietnam, India, and, oh yeah, Russia.


Yu an is the Mongol empire. China was crushed at that time. All Chinese people were second/third class citizens in this Mongol country. Don't you ever call Yuan a Chinese dynasty.

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