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'Voldemort in the region': China, Japan blast each other Harry Potter style

07.01.2014 02:31

Linked to rich histories and towering economies, a longtime rivalry in East Asia has come down to "You-Know-Who.” Chinese and Japanese envoys recently invoked Lord Voldemort of Harry Potter fame to describe the other country during rising tensions.

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Brad 08.01.2014 10:09

If anyone wants to find a living population of Nazi culture embroiled by neo facsists look no further than in Japan.


H S 07.01.2014 21:22

.....In the micro of this China - Japan situation is the fact that Abe is a US puppet, the US and its unseen shadow government being the Voldermort. We all should (as a species) wake up to this fact and make real strides towards achieiving real democracy (direct democracy) rather than relying on these mindless puppets to solve our predicament in this world. Abe should also know that he is toxic radiating the whole world and Xi Jingping should also awaken to teh fact that relentless growth and indiscriminate pollution is detrimental to life itself.


H S 07.01.2014 21:21

What we are seing in the mindless rhetoric of Harry Potter epic, is the real life epic of egocentrical politicians who care less for the populace other than thier narcism. This is prevalent throughout the world in every country. Because humans as a species are working from the mind and not the heart (from our inner guidance), we are lost in our own created mimicry and destruction of everything around us...con'td


catking2003 07.01.2014 18:33

I am a Chinese and imo Yasukuni Shrine is never a problem. The problem is the memorials of those 16 class A war criminals of WW2 inside the shrine. And I have to ask this question which I intend to ask every time similar issue is brought up, "WHY THE HECK WON'T JAPANESE GOVERNMENT JUST REMOVE THE MEMORIALS OF THOSE 16 CLASS A WAR CRIMINIALS OUT OF THE YASUKUNI SHRINE????" It is really confusing to me as this seems to be the most direct and simple solution to this shitty problem. And in case you don't know, those memorials were never meant to be in the shrine at the first place. Some right wing A-holes sneaked them in.


suricaten 07.01.2014 15:59

I recomend all people and espessially those in leading positions: To start with "Tantric Yoga, the Lord Shiva is often portrayed standing onone leg,with the other lifted abit up, and with four arms! That is just an image of a Tantric yoga dance called "Tandava" which also is a yoga exercise! and learning to control breathing is also good!
If one looks at the sculpted figures from the origin country of this yoga they are all slim!


Kosodo rinata 07.01.2014 15:16

You should know the facts, Japan has compensated China more than $3 billion, koria as well, as the indemnity against the war. However, both government has kept it top secret for longtime, for instance, china even now, people never know that.


David Torney 07.01.2014 15:16

Don't diplomats have more to think about than Harry Potter (ripoff for 10-year olds)?


Lord God Almighty #2 07.01.2014 13:33

free-world-log ic 07.01.2014 12:02

To build a military capable of defending from a more powerful Chinese military interested in expanding Chinese territory at the cost to other Asian nations.


free-world-log ic 07.01.2014 12:02

To build a military capable of defending from a more powerful Chinese military interested in expanding Chinese territory at the cost to other Asian nations.


Why would anyone want to invade japan ? Its a nuclear waste dump, like chernobyl, only bigger.


誠神 大和 07.01.2014 11:30

Joint Declaration of the Greater East Asia Conference

...The countries of Greater East Asia, with a view to contributing to the cause of world peace, undertake to cooperate toward prosecuting the War of Greater East Asia to a successful conclusion, liberating their region from the yoke of British-American domination, and ensuring their self-existence and self-defense, and in constructing a Greater East Asia in accordance with the following principles: ....


Stuart Deakin 07.01.2014 09:24

Ah so China is the aggressor. So why is Japan wanting to change its status as a Pacifist nation?


Gary David 07.01.2014 06:23

Japan is in serious trouble and China is unbelievably following in America's footsteps.As for the US, we must end the two party system to a no party with lots of open debates between candidates and a ceiling on how much each party can spend and equal time debating on the air. OUR RIGHTS HAVE ERODED TO THE POINT WHERE THERE IS NO DEMOCRACY HERE. Jesse V. for president in2016

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