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China outraged as Japan revamps defense plan

21.12.2013 12:43

China's Defense Ministry on Friday issued a strongly worded statement criticizing Japan’s plans to increase defense spending, accusing Tokyo of turning up the temperature on regional tensions.

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Saleem Mohammad 02.04.2014 20:58

The present history of last 15 years testifies that China has contributed in a positive and responsible way towards all World's affairs. Ambitions of China to become Super Power of the World is an open secret, but there is least discrepancy and difference between its actions and words. The sole Super Power of the World, USA, is badly lacking this behalf.


Satheesh S 01.02.2014 18:25

China on the other hand hasn't revealed their true military spending even though by the official records they are 2nd hence i thnk they have no right t complain abt japanese military expenditure which is 5th but still less than half f chinese....


Bienvenido C Yabut 20.01.2014 02:56

China stop grabbing neighbors territories then the world will be in peace...


HL Yeo 07.01.2014 14:59

I'm not a supporter of Communism but I feel I have to say…Communism originated from the west, but didn't work out in the west. It has, however found a fertile land in the east in 1949. China's giant leap from one of the poorest nation to the world's 2nd largest economy is a never before in recorded history! I'm sure China will develop into a responsible world player! I'm not sure China wanted to be the dominant world leader but from what I saw in world news, China is actively contributing to the world responsibly!


HL Yeo 07.01.2014 14:38

Remember how the Coast Guards of the Philippines killed unarmed Taiwanese fisherman? I hope China will do something about this since Taiwanese aren't capable of any sound retaliation! Not forgetting those Hong Kong tourist who lost their life due to the idiotic pinoy police's inappropriate actions! China even bother to sent her hospital ship to help in the aftermath of Haiyan! Wonder what the world have to say!


HL Yeo 07.01.2014 14:23

What the USA did for the past few decades (esp the last one) is to demonize Communist China. By using China's relatively mild & gradual military build-up as a reason to re-deploy 60% of her military back to the S.E.Asia!

With the help of Japan Vietnam and Philippines, paint a negative picture of China so as to give themselves reasons for a bigger military budgets (which will ultimately profit USA) At the same time, let her 2 allies seize the opportunity to snatch a few island from China! And if China were to retaliate, paint an even worse image of China yet again! Killing 3 birds with a stone! Despicable!


誠神 大和 07.01.2014 11:49

Imperial Rescript, December 8, 1941

...To insure the stability of East Asia and to contribute to world peace is the far-sighted policy which was formulated by our Great illustrious Imperial Grandsire and Our Great Imperial sire succeeding Him, and which We lay constantly to heart. To cultivate friendship among nations and to enjoy prosperity in common with all nations has always been the guiding principle of Our Empire's foreign policy. It has been truly unavoidable and far from Our wishes that Our Empire has now been brought to cross swords with America and Britain...


James Ong 24.12.2013 03:03

Japan is a warmonger, liar and thief. Her unrelenting provocations against China is so clear for the world to see that Japan is an eternal enemy of China, and she will not rest till she goes to war with China. Till either Japan or China is completely destroyed, will there be peace in East China Sea.

The war between China and Japan is inevitable. To take a leaf from the Holy Bible, China will continue to go to wars after WW3, and even participate as a member of the "kings of the East," with 200 million troops. But, I cannot say the same for Japan.


Niko V Ford 23.12.2013 14:15

SoiCowboy 23.12.2013 03:40

China and the USA will NEVER go to war against each other. They would lose too much business and it would likely bankrupt both of them. Nuclear Superpowers don't really fight each other. Sound familiar? It will never happen.


No , instead they will have the Japanese do it for them, with their 'support' of course.


SoiCowboy 23.12.2013 03:40

China and the USA will NEVER go to war against each other. They would lose too much business and it would likely bankrupt both of them. Nuclear Superpowers don't really fight each other. Sound familiar? It will never happen.


Andrew 23.12.2013 02:56

While America is in serious debt with China, I feel that China will not be able to withstand U.S. forces. Personally, I believe that Japan, while under supervision from the U.S. can, and should be able to build their own military. I do not believe that Japan will be hostile to the U.S. China is starting aggression by confronting Japanese ships in their own island territory. If China attacks, Japan should be able to protect itself, using their own defense force, rather than the U.S. Navy and Air Force.


Johnny 22.12.2013 18:19

somebody said 'in ten years?'.what, what about now? anyway a drone mfg in Japan is cheap. And it's good...drone made in China is cheaper & works better...elsewise, why does DoD buy the Chinese stuff? to save money? okay...Raptor factor that.

i buy Chinese stuff because it's the best i've seen...Neanderthals thinking that USA is going to buy new punch presses...u can all go live in the caves...


Ben Wavrin 22.12.2013 17:51

Why is everybody so worried about China. China is saying, "Just you wait, in ten more years I'll be able to fight you. Just let me sell my junk goods in your country while I completely pollute my own, ignoring the poverty and diseases that run rampant throughout China. Then you'll be sorry." Does China think for a second that the American military brass are sitting around scratching our heads? Do not underestimate the war mongers in the US.


peter 22.12.2013 16:57

Everybody knows that the nuclear bombs dropped on the Japanese by the Americans has not really taught them a lesson to be a responsible state. China has time on its side, by the time the Chinese will be fully ready, the whole of the West including the USA and Japan, will not be able to withstand China and Russia. By then, you all war mongering idiots who do not understand what comes with WAR will be begging for PEACE.


blackie cloud 22.12.2013 15:51

Stupid Americans, their own jobs sold out from under them, so cheap Chinese junk made in China can be sold to them at the greatest cheap Chinese junk store in the world, "WALMART. The United States could limit the amount China has to spend on its military by demanding that WALMART sells an equal amount of U.S made products in its stores. The Americans are providing the cash for China's military funding


blackie cloud 22.12.2013 15:41

Japan , Hurry as fast as you can. Japan needs to put up a military force that can hold China off until America can get her war machine rolling. It will take time and during that time the Chinese will be doing their best to make up for events that occurred during the 30's and 40's in China, by Japan. America needs you to be able to put up a good fight to head off what is surely headed down the pike. HURRY HURRY HURRY.

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