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China lashes out at US for ‘interfering’ in territorial dispute with Japan

25.11.2013 05:04

Beijing has warned Washington not to “meddle” in the territorial dispute between China and Japan. Though the US has many thousands of troops stationed in Japan, China, an emerging naval power, is challenging for control of the surrounding seas.

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Keith Mueller 05.12.2013 21:49

The ambitions of China are simple and there for anyone who will read Chinese history. China has been invaded many times and have an inferiority complex. They are reaching out (Thanks to Bill Clinton and the economic surge) to develop security much like the Soviet Union did after WWII. They are moving to control the East Pacific like the US has been doing for decades. They will be the big dog, and they will be the Pacific Super Power. Just wait till their armad of new aircraft carriers are built and operational. The US will have to think hard how deeply will we protect Taiwan, Japan, and Korea.


Jo Dod 01.12.2013 10:28

Doesn't quite work like that. Dokto is disputed between Japan/S Korea and its in the Sea of Japan. Naming debate of the sea itself is irrelevant in that only SK and NK

Followed by the gulf of mexico, bay of bengal, Sea of Okhotsk, which don't have all surrounding territories belong to the country/people/origi nator of the body of water, because.. its a body of water and thats a name for it. Doesn't mean anything. Just because I'm rich and make everyone visit place and your backyard officially named "My name" doesn't make it legally mine


SSD7 29.11.2013 16:06

Common sense tells anyone that if the islands are located in the east China sea, the islands have always belonged to China.


Sendero Oscuro 28.11.2013 06:46

Let China have its way all over East Asia. Soon it will be a Chinese block with only 3 countries not joining in whom China will be utterly hostile to. China is trying to be an imperialist power in less than 10 years.


Donald T.M. 28.11.2013 04:38

Not so long ago, the US was meddling in Syria, almost started the WW3, now they´re itching in Asia disputed Islands. Where they´re gonna go next????


Tom InkieBass Waudby 28.11.2013 02:41

These cards are from a game from the 90's and see how much you can relate to current day ongoings.

C ut or copy into google search engine
" NWO card game revisited-NEW FINDINGS-Whole Card Set is HERE this time "


Tom InkieBass Waudby 28.11.2013 02:39

The USA needs a motive to start shooting guns there indebted to china and if they don't pay then china loses out.

Call me paranoid but only bad things can happen and the USA are pushing and pushing for war again and not a small war.

The won't be a world war 4 ever because the New World Order is almost complete, just join the dots and if you need help take a look at these. These cards are from a game from the 90's and see how much you can relate to current day ongoings.

Good luck to the survivors.


Li Ting Huang 28.11.2013 01:48

US shouldn't involed any conflict between China-Japan.
tha t is why so many people around the world start to against America as a War starter because most of the time US ignore the history nor region fact that put the different view as US look it, WE have to learn how to respect the other view from different countries or regilious who are really in the story.............


Laury Liu 28.11.2013 00:28

Just researching on topic of ADIZ, does anyone know if Russia has got one and whether it overlaps with anyone elses? Thanks


anatolipek 27.11.2013 14:55

[quote name='Solidus Aurelius' time='26.11.2013 19:22']

Ton i, I raised your vote from -10 to -9 because you make valid and evidentiary remarks. The 10 people who voted you down are what I call RT regulars.....

So, the truth will out: attack America and it's because you hate Jews? Eh? Is that an admission that America is owned by Israel?
For 'your' information many Americans have woken up to the idea that their government/country is not what they thought! They also want rid of the 'pillage and rape' tactics they employ around the world! So obviously that means severing the ties with their master, Israel! Simples!


thomas mugayi 27.11.2013 12:25

But will the world have peace if the USA has so much interest in military intervention? With no doubt, I believe this is why a lot of nations are building such armies e.g if we take a look at the rapid growth of the Chinese defense. Any nation cannot stand and look America taking decision like they are taking in Arabic nations. Believe me or not from about a decade back until now America's enemies multiplied by nearly 80percent.


BeNice 27.11.2013 03:14

Jonathan Bryan 26.11.2013 07:00

That's right, China is the US'spregnant female dog! Old Red aint gonna do nothing, they know who really runs the world! And they can do nothing to stop the "shadow governments" from just causing heart attacks from taking out all of the Chinese Leadership. Be very afraid China, if you have oil in your country you could be next.


Almighty ROME empire....... Almighty USA.....


Solidus Aurelius 26.11.2013 19:22

Toni Lehto 25.11.2013 17:35

So unds like a great idea considering the dollar makes up a quarter of China's total assets, and happens to be the currency of its largest trading customer. <BR>And they can enjoy watching the dollar crash along with millions of satisfied workers who no longer have a place to work.


Toni, I raised your vote from -10 to -9 because you make valid and evidentiary remarks. The 10 people who voted you down are what I call RT regulars. That is, they are paranoid viewers who hate Jews and facts. And now, watch this post get voted down, only strengthening my case.


Fussilat Al Fussilat 26.11.2013 08:44

Correction of my previous statement:
Japan (Not China) wants to save some millions of its people from the hazards of the nuclear radiation to which they suffered after Fukushima reator explosion.


Fussilat Al Fussilat 26.11.2013 08:42

It seems that China wants to save her millions of its people who suffered the radiation from Fukoshima.
The island to which they want to flee to are:
The Coral islands ... with Russia
Some islands ... with Korea
Some islands ... with China

So why don't these cooperate with Japan for humanity purpose?

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