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China launches lunar probe with first moon rover aboard

01.12.2013 23:12

China has launched the Chang'e-3 lunar probe with its first moon rover "Yutu" (Jade Rabbit) aboard from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center in southwest China.

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Ken Kool 11.12.2013 05:28

Maybe they'll find Obama's birth certificate up there???


Tony Corrigan 02.12.2013 22:34

It would be great if they could check if the U.S.A did really land on the Moon in 1969 and if men did walk on the Moon.


Bryan Harris 02.12.2013 11:34

Fantastic - wonder why we didn't get wall to wall tv coverage of this, as in when the USA did it.


Boon Tee Tan 02.12.2013 09:30

Excellent, China does it. Action speaks louder than words. Keep up the good momentum and send someone to the moon as early as possible.


matahari 02.12.2013 08:51

If they can indulge in a massive deception like the "assasination&q uot; of Osama bin Laden, and the 9/11, no doubt about it they can also stage a faked moon landing.

If only the Chinese can visit the spots where the Apollo missions "landed" and confirm once and for all the BS deception by the world's greatest liars - the US Administrations.


Proud Atheist 02.12.2013 08:28

Congratulations, China.


Joshua 02.12.2013 06:25

So I guess China will be the first one to the Moon eventually. Funny how America just so happens to land on the moon during the time when Russia went into space and made America look bad.

Lets forget about the fact that the computers were garbage, the rocket technology was very poor, nobody had experience for that type of job, and best of all... They survived the trip there and back without exploding or getting radiation poisioning.

Amurica, Lying 24/7 and creating false history. They will Liberate all countries of their evil leaders... because they are peace bringers.


fran7 02.12.2013 06:07

Well done China and good luck. its nice to see your progress in technology and curiosity.


alexd 02.12.2013 04:59


The Americans were panicked with Sputnik - totally caught off guard. They were so far behind the Soviets they had to show their real faces, to make the fakery of the millennium.


Mike Littlefield 02.12.2013 04:25

The moon people will be holding anti-immigration marches soon.


Eric N 02.12.2013 01:21

Any country capable of producing a viable and effective spacecraft should be applauded.


Jimmy Crackcorn 02.12.2013 01:15

If they planned to look for evidence of the US moonlanding, they should have sent a bunch of tourists to Hollywood instead.

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