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Uproar in China and other Asian nations over ‘US spies through embassies’ report

31.10.2013 13:09

China and a number of South Asian governments have demanded an explanation from Washington over allegations that US embassies - as well as embassies of US allies - were used for NSA surveillance.

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SuchN3SS 01.11.2013 14:41

Another articulation of the problem of which they are nearly endless. For solutions learn about the United Front Against Austerity, UFAA!!!


John Smith 01.11.2013 10:10

the thing people should really be irritated about is the size of the toy budget being spent for no useful purpose.

Yo u really can put a price on lives -- its called the average national income times expected time in labor force. Take that times the number people terrorists might kill each year. And if your protection program cost more than that -- well its just wasteful and dragging the world economy down. Cause everyone dies eventually and no protection system is perfect. Accept mortality as the price of freedom and less likely to irritate your neighbors and earn you an early grave.


Steven Severn 01.11.2013 09:17

The arrogant and aggressive US needs neutering like a vicious rabid stray dog so it can't breed more, or simply putting to a permanent sleep.


John Smith 01.11.2013 08:39

Even the Scandanavian nations spy for trade reasons. And yes those business calls are made by private US citizens at some point.


John Smith 01.11.2013 08:35

Yeah big surprise that every modern embassy has more antenna than you can shake a stick at -- including Oriental embassies. Those generally aren't for calling home.

Orientals are just really bad about seeking advantage when they think some other country has been embarassed before the world.


Norberto Triemstra 01.11.2013 04:38

"I can because I can", thus, the only guarantee is when they no longer can....


Rosi DeJean 01.11.2013 02:59

As U.S. has always called for embargo against Nations refuse to cooperate with their demands, thus the shoe is on the other foot.


Dr Bob 01.11.2013 00:29

The brutal truth. The bad news for you, you ignoramus is like most of your redneck, knuckle dragging friends you are completely delusional.
Chin a is divesting itself of US$ as it considers them to be a poor investment. Inside 10 years the USD will lose its status as the worlds reserve currency and rightly sow. To long have nations been blackmailed into paying for oil, energy, ships and aircraft in $US which does nothing but make the product more expensive. You have had a free ride for long enough, and the most warmongering, corrupt bullying nation is going down the pan. Live with it!


Shaun 31.10.2013 23:46

Explains why western embassies would not leave north korea during the escalating tensions that arose with the US's military exercises with south korea earlier this year.


Laury Liu 31.10.2013 22:30

Lol Im a local down here and just to let you know, China definitely is aware of the US spying. Their old embassy was constructed by Australian contractors with American connections and had listening devices wired in every corner. Recently they started building a second adjacent building, using purely Chinese nationals. Since this is treated as classified, press are not allowed to report it. I'm not making this up - just been to Canberra yesterday.


thegameplaysyou 31.10.2013 21:28

If I had a place of high standing in Chinese government, I would put forward suggestion we immediately close USA embassy & close down the minion embassies too (Canada & Britian). After they clear out, burn and/or grind up everything remaining of the building & do a deep careful excavation of the sites to ensure bad things (WMD, nano ??? etc) are not hidden beneath. Think about it... spying is just one bad thing that has been revealed. What else do the buildings contain? Clearly this is not an 'embassy' in normal context of word. It is foolish to allow unknown hostile on our soil. This is not a building for friendship.


Yanni Slavov 31.10.2013 21:09

Where I come from we have a saying "Mesure the egg on your asssshole before you swallow it whole" I think America cant get that one out !


Cannadude 31.10.2013 21:04

Obama's worst than a peeping Tom


Marc Letourneau 31.10.2013 20:59

Isota Annie (USA action have helped in preserving the world order and to an extent, benching the wartime rate to its lowest in centuries.)

You have been brainwashed completely by the US media dear. USA have advertised their actions to help democracy and justice but under cover it is all business for the profit of a few, making wars to keep on top of the dominance. They have mastered the manipulation of masses so they can do whatever they want. And you felt for it all the way...


Osita Annie 31.10.2013 20:10

im strongly compeled to believe that the US should be given a strong appraisal for their effort in spying upon the world. Their action have helped in preserving the world order and to an extent, benching the wartime rate to its lowest in centuries. To address much ado from most RT commenters, there is a huge divide between spying and hacking!, China's got absolutly nothing to retaliate about. And let the masters keep on with their game of Cards.


Rich Tygart 31.10.2013 20:05

Yes,I know that the Zionists are the filth of the planet and the NSA is theirs but someone has to spy on China because communism is a Jewish thing and China is communist so either way you look at it,if China replaces Israel as a disgusting world power we will still be living in a Trotsky Jewish ideal.


Keng Long 31.10.2013 19:22

China got to retaliate,
NSA is an Zionist/Jews spying machine in US name.


Dimitri 31.10.2013 18:44

Chinese are like: explain it to us, and Americans are like: use Wikipedia... )))


Alex P. 31.10.2013 18:12

Hey Guys,

Remember the good old days when America was going around the world crying that the Chinese where stealing their corporate secrets? Ahh those were the days. Little did everybody know that America was simultaneously tapping phones and putting cameras in toilets lol.

I'm pretty sure that any "philanthropic& quot; organizations America sends abroad, are just cover-ups for NSA vacuum cleaners.


Trevor York 31.10.2013 17:21

As a Canadian I am ashamed that my country would participate in the unethical practices shared with the United States. Real Canadians don't reflect distrust and fear of other nations, we are supposed to be humanitarians, understanding and trusting of others. Unfortunetly it would seem that the western intelligence community is united, revealing their true colors. Don't ever think that the intelligence communty, the conservative and republican party represent the real citizens of the west. The real citizens agree with the conclusions the rest of the world has come to.


The Brutal Truth 31.10.2013 16:58

HEY! We are America and we OWN the world!

We do what we want and you better like it!!!


Alex Semiletow 31.10.2013 16:53

My question is which one of the two - is Obama weak or uninformed? I can't imagine that he is less than very intelligent, then he must be uninformed, weak he cannot be - although he could have been picked for the job by the powers that be precisely for being easy to control, but then who is or who are the criminals that are destroying our country??? This destruction did not start with Obama, the brainless Bush, or the other brainless Bush, it predates Clinton who managed to sell us to China, this destruction is systematic and relentless...


Werdna S 31.10.2013 16:51

Many in the US said they enjoyed flushing the SU down the toilet, that is, after the SU spent more than a decade occupying Afghanistan. It looks as if Russia, which has recovered by now and even started to grow, is now returning the favor.

Unfortunat ely, the US, as Russia is finding out, is too big to flush.


SourceKnown! 31.10.2013 16:41

Every nation on earth gathers and processes information about their opponents. Let us agree to be more open and we will not need to hide so much!

We are all of us responsible for this planet and we are all of us in desperate need of the ability to lift our minds and see things from a universal perspective.

No country has a security service that does not investigate people, let us also condemn all global intelligence services.

T hey do after all strive to accomplish the same thing! Know thy enemy!

We are one people humanity, many branches of the same great tree, do we have a future? if not together?


SourceKnown! 31.10.2013 16:28

All of these individuals who claim surprise are playing the same game!

Ameri ca is being made out to be the boogie man, when ever there is a war or conflict. Someone has to be the baddie to unite the dumb people!

Ame rica has no say in what goes on in terms of it's policies, not the people and not brother Barrack.

We have avoided a war in Syria because of this man and his supporters and we have avoided a much larger conflict.

C hina steals anything it can and does not even recognize patent laws, yet they are the champions of information privacy?

En ough! we have all created the world as it is! let us now save her!


East Coast USA 31.10.2013 16:11

Does anyone really believe that US spying or even the extent of the spying began under this administration? Please....let's not be naive or pretend that every other industrialized country in the world doesn't have their own spy program. The US got caught and other nations have to feign outrage.


Roxy Chick 31.10.2013 16:09

China is not going to stand for this and they are going to want america's blood over this. China is too powerful as are Russia and this could determine the proper end of the american empire along with the downfall of obama and rightly so.


Carlos Gomez 31.10.2013 15:58

Again, its strange how the Obama Administration doesn't shut the NSA down from any kind of spying through electronic means? Its like they are ignoring everyone across the globe and mass domestic protest, for what their motives are, they sure gamble a lot with a completely fragile economy that only hurts,"We the people."

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