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Smog-choked China shifts gears in effort to reverse environmental damage

18.11.2013 12:18

Amid public outcry over China’s increasingly unsustainable levels of pollution and environmental destruction, the government is reconsidering its ‘economic growth at all cost’ strategy.

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漢陰陽 08.03.2014 18:13

that's not possible. China doesn't know how to change because they aren't aware that they are creating pollution. they don't know.


Rainy Dayz 05.12.2013 23:20

I think it's too late for China. I'm really not sure what they will do if they want to fix the situation but in a few years it looks like it will be unlivable in China. You can't see anything through the fog of pollution there already, think of ten years from now what it will be like.


Juan Angel Trigo 18.11.2013 19:50

Clean energy is available, but hidden by vested interests. Graphene car batteries, solar panels, alternators, turbines, autos, airplanes, buildings, you name it, all hidden.


Paul Hirsh 18.11.2013 19:13

Let's not forget that solar panels and wind turbines use up a very limited store of rare earths, in forms that would be extremely energy-costly to recycle at the end of their useful lives. Then we'll be stumped again.


Terry Mckinney 18.11.2013 16:36

Amazing what you can do when you can't breathe.This is the same stuff that chocked London for decades and killed young and old alike.It vanished when they stopped burning coal in homes for heat.The famous London fog wasn't fog at all.It was simply coal pollution.


Ivor O'Connor 18.11.2013 14:37

China has already got more wind energy than nuclear and at the rate it is going it will soon be competing with Germany for who can be the most green. I hope they make solar panels and wind turbines in such quantities they become so cheap everybody dumps those deadly hydrocarbons.


SourceKnown! 18.11.2013 14:19

Great news! I would like to help with that some day, soon!


End_of_More 18.11.2013 13:51

The economic growth of the developed world has been entirely due to digging up hydrocarbon fuel and burning it. Everything we own has a hydrocarbon component embedded in it. (try and find something without it)
Everything depends on continuing that process, we know no other way. Our prosperity and employment depend on it. Real GDP can only increasing by burning more fuel, the faster we burn it, the higher our % growth.

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