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China sides with Russia in opposing military strikes on Syria, warns of oil price surge

05.09.2013 18:58

China joined Russia in its opposition against military strikes on Syria ahead of the G20 summit on Thursday. Beijing said the use of force would cause a swing in oil prices, thereby hurting the global economy.

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Jamieson 07.09.2013 02:58

'Ben Price' time
Today, economically wounded though it is, the United States nonetheless remains the worldʼs most powerful state when power is measured in terms of economic and military assets. In the future, the U.S. economy will
continue to grow, and the United States will remain the most powerful military nation on earth for some time to come. No members of the US congress work for china! Where do you get your information from Ben Price


Ben Price 07.09.2013 02:05

MC. Cain and his party are now working for China.
They get orders from China to make war and cleanup for China to take over the world. They have done everything in the past 20 years just for China.
We need to pay off debt, and focus on China instead of Syria and Mideast.
We need to do now:
1. Tax on rick people to pay off nation debt.
2. Stop imports or control all imports from China
3. Stop legal marijuana use in the USA
4. Do not vote for any senate or congressmen for OK of marijuana use.
5. Put all American spy for China into jail.


Jamieson 07.09.2013 01:59

The US becomes more restrained in fighting global fires: the few that threaten clear national interests are extinguished, but many are allowed to burn. By the end of this scenario, however, the US is beginning to ally with authoritarian states to try to restore some order because of growing nonstate threats. This syrian mess has nothing to do with my stick is bigger than your stick. In fact what we are witnessing is the NWO coming together first voiced by President Bush Sr.


Jamieson 07.09.2013 01:51

America’s ability to lead remains significant through 2030 due to its unique economic, social and military assets and the lack of any single or group of powers willing to supplant its global role.


WorkTogether 06.09.2013 20:17

Commander 06.09.2013 00:04

US President Obama/Washington looks foolish and weak... Meanwhile, if it does launch an aerial assault, America appears wreckless.
Russia has handled the entire crisis with patience, wisdom, and calm


Yes Commander, it is true US will feel it's lost face, but quite frankly the world will respect Obama for having the courage at the 11th hour to change his stance. Admitting a mistake is a victory in itself. But Obama is controlled. Just look at him at the G20, he looks haggard, drawn & painfully thin. Is Obama in danger? Is he perhaps carrying a hideous burden?


WorkTogether 06.09.2013 19:48

Lola Combs 06.09.2013 02:26

we don't need war


Hoped for a comment like yours, which is the only way forward for our world. We should quit talk of "flattening&quo t; other countries out of existence. It is horrible & archaic nonsense. A real authentic UN organization for instance, would discipline any country threatening war & even fine them by imposing international community service or whatever. When deadlocks occur peaceful solutions must be found. If WMD are abused perpetrators punished by the ICC, not missile strikes rained on the innocent citizens of the offender. All this is workable.


WorkTogether 06.09.2013 19:32

Frank Mc Carthy 06.09.2013 06:12

China and Russia should have enough between them to flatten the United States.


Difference is Russia & China are countries for peace. They are building economies & uplifting their people. Both these countries are educating countries from grassroots up so our planet can thrive. USgov & her Allies are unfortunately lackeys of the Illuminati. Russia, Iceland & now Hungary had the guts to send the Rothschild cabal packing & other countries will also follow suit. Hope US People UNITE & kick out these evil NWO fiends who already behave as if they own the planet.


WorkTogether 06.09.2013 19:21

kc 06.09.2013 04:12

It is about time China speak up against US inhumane action .......


Just Google Total Collapse & get an update on China there - right now.


WorkTogether 06.09.2013 19:13

vann.tedd 06.09.2013 06:19

@Michael Bell quote "Why not say it!!?.. "

Its called diplomacy. Russia/CHina do not say what is directly and openly ,in order to Allow US & its allies to CHANGE its stance on Syria ,and even allow them to invent a retreating story that will allow them to stop sponsoring terrorism. Russia is only interested in end the conflict diplomatically with politics.. leave americans deal internally with their Gov.. harder to achieve peace when you have a confrontational stance.


Yes, sad for the world that so few leaders behave like one would expect in the 21st Century!


Mohamed Al Hashimi 06.09.2013 13:03

Michael Bell: The Russia–Georgia War of 2008 only compare to Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Egypt, Tunisia, Sudan and Syria with Iran today also North Korea next


Paul Mitford 06.09.2013 09:51

Israel is the main warmonger in the Middle East. Obama must bomb Tel Aviv for a lasting peace. Bombing israel for peace will save millions of innocent people. Peaceful bombing of israel will solve the problem forever. Karma will come to israel soon through Obama's peaceful bombing of israel.


AmericanX 06.09.2013 09:34

Guy Fawkes 06.09.2013 08:56

Bef ore you judge others, look at yourself first in the mirror and ask if you are any better. In your case, you are worse, if not worst!


The mirror says I am a normal guy trying to make sense of those in Power, as to their motives and actions solely for the purpose of self preservation.


Guy Fawkes 06.09.2013 08:56

AmericanX 06.09.2013 07:32

Ame ricanX 06.09.2013 07:32 said:

" ;China and Russia both have making money on their minds, they want no war at this time. This does not make them good, just busy!"


W hereas American "2009 Nobel Peace winner" Obama can't wait to start one war after another. What an irony. Before you judge others, look at yourself first in the mirror and ask if you are any better. In your case, you are worse, if not worst!

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