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China unveils new stealth missile frigate

26.02.2013 12:11

China releases details of a new stealth missile frigate. It’s part of a military modernization process amid ongoing tensions over Beijing's maritime claims in the region.

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chongyee yap 31.03.2014 14:34

In my opinion modern day war-ships need not be big because ship's weaponry are both deadly & difficult to counter or defend against e.g. the Chinese DF21 and later improvements. A US$7billion warship is nonsense because with a US$7billion budget China can build a fleet of maybe 10 or more Frigate class ships and to my thinking 10 china war ships is more than a match for 1 USA US$7billion ship. China is correct to build more for less; who can beat more for less ? I am of opinion the USA has gone raving, stark mad because she is loosing the war against Russia, China $ the BRICS.


David King 22.11.2013 08:08

The US has been gutted by zionism. Corruption you call it. Yes, China can build more, faster, and with better technology.

Anonymous user 09.04.2013 07:14

Corruption and corporate America goes hand-in-hand. But they do not call it corruption. Business?

Anonymous user 09.04.2013 07:13

For the same amount of money, honest China may get a military force maybe four times size of US's.

Anonymous user 09.04.2013 07:10

US's militarization is corruption in disguise. China shows how far u can go with small budget.

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