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Chinese scientists slammed for creating new ‘deadly’ influenza strains

03.05.2013 04:25

News that a research laboratory in China is deliberately engineering new hybrid strains of bird-flu virus and human influenza which could cause a pandemic has some experts alarmed.

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Gregg15 19.02.2014 18:49

Anyone ever realized that one of the reasons for the lack of scientific progress in the west has been unnecessary regulations and no risk taking by researchers ??

Maybe they SHOULD take the risk in order to discover something new.

Let the scientists take the risk in order to produce the breakthroughs the world needs.

Anyw ay, who's gonna stop them ?? Not the Americans , THAT'S for sure.


brian david 19.02.2014 18:48

Dear Lord May please calm down.The Chinese know what they are doing.If similar experiments were carried out in the West,YOU would not be concerned.


Darryl Hetherington 08.01.2014 22:48

The Americans happily freed Japanese war criminals after WW2 in exchange for information gained through testing bio weapons on live Chinese subjects. It is well known Anthrax and other deadly bio weapons of mass destruction are held by the USA, UK, and other countries.

Anonymous user 05.05.2013 17:00

Dutch did the same thing in 2011, and many more countries, too...


Codename Taco 05.05.2013 16:23

That's one way to lower the unemployment rate...

Anonymous user 04.05.2013 20:51

China isn't the only one doing this. Makes me wonder how many new diseases out there are natural.

Anonymous user 04.05.2013 13:35

Revelation 6:8
I looked, and there before me was a pale horse!

Anonymous user 03.05.2013 10:21

A super-weapon that can be placed in any country in the world. No-one would know, so no retaliation.

Anonymous user 03.05.2013 07:40

Prevention better than cure. So much fear mongering, but China did well the last time. Next time too

Anonymous user 03.05.2013 07:24

Lord May this May '13 may be considered to become
a British hero - not afraid to open his mouth

Anonymous user 03.05.2013 07:18

We live in Europe. When we see Chinese tourists
we just run trying not to inhale the air around.

Anonymous user 03.05.2013 07:15

It's fantastic work!. I'm deadly pleased French way.
Two-three years - and they'll create Miss CHFR

Anonymous user 03.05.2013 07:00

My bad, I guess China’s National Avian Influenza Reference Laboratory says it all.

Anonymous user 03.05.2013 06:59

It would have been worth mentionning if this laboratory is state-funded or a private entity...

Anonymous user 03.05.2013 06:55

Hey, Lord May! Ever wondered what might still be happening at Fort Detrick? The Chinese seem open??

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