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Christmas chaos: Hundreds of flights delayed as fierce storms rage worldwide

25.12.2013 04:30

Over a million homes and businesses without power, holiday plans destroyed over flight cancelations – that’s how Christmas panned out for some people across the globe, as deadly storms swept the planet.

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mergon 21.02.2014 13:44

Late 60s America places deep sea buoys into all of the worlds oceans , they say its to try to work out climate change /global warming is affecting the planet !

1969 the american gov bring out the vehicle emissions legislation that spurns a multi billion $ industry .

There were reports that US Airforce planes were seen be towing a craft behind them and some people reported that they were towing ironisers in an attempt to creat a weather patten .

\well they have got the people used to the domestic drones now so they dont need to tow the units around anymore !
They will kill us all in the end !


mergon 21.02.2014 13:33

So it looks like the Americans have finally made their weather machine then !


Michael Stones 05.01.2014 13:53

The polluter pays, Good stuff


James 03.01.2014 05:15

Global warming has been exposed as a fraud as scientists have proven again and again. It's now called climate change to hide the fact that the earth is cooling.

Pentagon papers explaining in detail the weather modification program of the US Government (as a weapon of war) yet the sewer media has done ZERO to inform the public about it's influence on climate change!


James 03.01.2014 04:57

Ya know it must be winter!


Mary Van 26.12.2013 21:30

We had our hydro out in southern Ontario. Hundreds of thousands are in the cold, a few days without heat. We heard a loud boom one night sounded like a tree fell on the house. Others across the province also heard the same sound. Incredible damage to trees. Everything is covered with thick ice.I found very little news coverage considering the extent of damage.


Hedi Bassoussi 26.12.2013 15:31

The earth is alive, we are earth. When you cause damage to the earth, it tries to defend itself. It's like if you had cancer you would be willing to go through chemo in order to get rid of the bad cells you've created. That's exactly what is happening right now on planet earth. When you pollute the earth you actually pollute yourself. When you hurt someone else you actually hurt yourself. We aren't brothers, we are all one. We have to live in harmony with our environment or face extermination.


Stephen Persaud 26.12.2013 11:43

It's known as a raindance....


Zoric Fieldhouse 25.12.2013 14:16

NNN1147 25.12.2013 13:17

The Mayan Calendar was right. 2012 was the Satans last year of killing against gods wil, 2013 the transition to stop Satan the 5eyes and Israel, and 2014 the resurrection of Russia as the world nation peace where humanity can and will prosper. Satan will implode and depart from our planet for good. GOOD.




Jay Kyte 25.12.2013 13:56

Кэрол 25.12.2013 12:49

Ask yourself, how did all that ice get up there on the poles?


Co s they're futher from the sun you muppet.....


Jamie Hincks 25.12.2013 10:29

Is global warming getting real enough for you yet?


Michael Ferrullo 25.12.2013 10:27

Ever cross the Worlds mind that maybe GOD is trying to get their attention?. Either that or that great HAARP machine the U.S has in Alaska?


SourceKnown! 25.12.2013 10:03

Before I forget, what you are seeing is the first phase and quite a small, World Storm!


SourceKnown! 25.12.2013 10:01

This is just the beginning globally we are heading into an intensification of the already extreme weather.

I have been suggesting that people and communities as well as countries and globally as a race we begin to prepare for years.

Howe ver humanity has no respect for this planet or creation and we feel ignorance and stupidity will save us. I personally have back up water / food, also heating and power. Not much but enough to get me through.

If I was Russia and China as well as the rest of the world, I would start to prepare now, any time anyone wants my advice on strategies, just let me know!


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