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‘No Cold War over Ukraine’: Kerry calls on Russia to ‘respect state sovereignty’

27.02.2014 02:18

The chief US diplomat has warned Moscow to be “very careful” with its approach to Ukraine and respect its territorial integrity, following Russia’s announcement of a surprise military drill to assess the combat readiness of its western front.

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Nuke Works 08.03.2014 12:08

I think Rocky is an accurate comparison of the outcome of a war with Russia. Russia will lose, walk out on its own two feet, while the U.S will be left with a damaged brain, a shell of its former self and unable to fight ever again. With the entire planet working in unison to destroy it, Russia reformed itself and has risen to world power status in just under 15 years. No keeping Russia down. Not possible. It took the U.S 25 years to come out of a depression alone.


Tim Thexton 04.03.2014 20:17

Well, Mr Kerry, and how much do you and the US government respect the sovereignty and integrity of the AUTONOMOUS republic of Crimea.
How do you equate support for the government in Kiev when fascist supporters wearing armbands last seen in Kiev under the Third Reich are marching and declaring open hatred of Jews and Gays.
You were quick to criticise Russia before the Sochi Olympics, but now it seems OK if its in Ukraine.
Well, Mr Kerry?


TheSkatanas 01.03.2014 11:01

“We are not looking for confrontation, but we are making it clear that every country should respect the territorial integrity here, the sovereignty of Ukraine." but as americans you are trying to dectate the rest of the earth and we meant to sit back and watch you do it...


Pablo 28.02.2014 21:41

Obviously John Kerry was born without a "hypocrisy gene'. This sleazy warmonger John Kerry might want to practice what he preaches.


FRED>UK 28.02.2014 21:34

So Kerry wants Russia to 'respect state sovereignty'. This is the height of hypocrisy. Kerry, Rasmussen and their crowd have painted themselves into a corner. They've realised that Putin will not give up the Black Sea naval port in Sevastopol. They should know by now, that the Russian Armed Forces are not like Iraq, Yugoslavia, or Genada(!) Putin would fill the border area with S-400's meaning no control of the skies over Ukraine for NATO jets. That'll mean boots on the ground, which the western public will not tolerate. Let's hope there are some level-headed people still, in NATO, before things go too far.


StepStone 28.02.2014 18:41

Elliott Shemtov 28.02.2014 07:11

Putin clearly is a thug who is not a democratic leader. The man in simply a dictator.


There is no single evidence of your wild allegation. Repeatedly we are going to see such type wild allegations, no one take it seriously.

Look at the children to know the parents, the USA is a country children went to the schools and killed their fellow students. Western propaganda cannot blind us any more.


Derek Maher 28.02.2014 17:58

Well most of these statements are for Western consumption. A bit of grand standing for the Good Old Boys back home and to keep the Ukrainian revolution in good spirits.
The U.S. and the E.U. are most likely convinced that Russia may huff and puff but will not cause too many problems.
Russia may get a little miffed if the U.S. 7th fleet take over the Black Sea ports of course plus its a good test of Russian resolve. Next job kick the Russian navy out of their Med base in Syria.


Mesfin Gedlu 28.02.2014 15:29

These are individuals blinded with an uncalled for fulfillment of a self-serving civilization of terror and sufferings; history is on the side of Russia, and not just Russia, but also most of humanity who have been suffering under its yolk and only on the turn of the century began to take center stage in global events; it may be normal and proper to forgive but never to forget. The struggle goes on!


Andre Bussy 28.02.2014 13:27

Putin can calls on USA to ‘respect state sovereignty’ on Syria and Venezuela, as well.


joshua jackson 28.02.2014 12:44

‘respect state sovereignty’, too bad they didnt respect Libya's sovereignty, and stepping all over Syria's sovereignty at the moment. Can the tounge be any more forked?


fran7 28.02.2014 10:56

What an idiot Kerry is for his hypocrisy, USA does not respect state sovereignty of Syria or Palestine and Libya is still in a mess after the western backing of so called freedom fighters (terrorists).
Mr Yanukovich is the legitimate leader of Ukraine and USA/EU should not interfere because of USA /EU history of failure resulting in chaos and death and destruction in Iraq, Africa, Afghanistan etc


Jerome Jerome 28.02.2014 09:25

Kerry calls on Russia to ‘respect state sovereignty’
- -------------------- -------------------- --------------------
Has this incompetent world traveller ever looked in the mirror.

Its his Corporate American White House along with their British lackeys full time job to intrude in Soveriegn countries Governments.

Has Kerry & Hague forgotten their heart wrenching heart eating Syrian rebels they armed financed and embraced?

T heir shopping list thus far:
Eygpt, Syria, Ukraine, Venezuela........... ....Cuba?

W e are living working and paying for, the John Kerry & John McCain's + U.K. Corporate America's evil Empire.


Benesha 28.02.2014 08:00

Kerry is one of the faces of evil. The US top thugs and their intelligence services will never stop to start riots and wars, to cause coups. Untill they will destroy themselves fom within. And these thugs know it and prepare themselves for it. All the signs are there.


Willy Dakota 28.02.2014 07:16

America needs to stop instigating wars & conflicts all over the globe.America lies & more children die.It's like they get off on it !.The human cost is irrelevant to them,like the not so noble American general states, "We don't do body counts "!.Hundreds of thousands of dead children in Iraq alone and they still itching to let loose some more Hellfire missiles on innocent children & women,they are sicko's.

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