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US Congress speaker refuses to meet Russian delegation

05.09.2013 05:08

The speaker of the US House of Representatives has turned down a proposal to meet with Russian MPs to discuss the situation in Syria. The Duma members plan to visit Washington next week to persuade their American counterparts not to attack Syria.

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Pamela Smith 18.09.2013 19:48

Are the Russians going to take these baffoons back to Russia with them? They can, because they won't be missed here!


Scott Thayer 09.09.2013 13:29

Give him a cigarette and tell him to cry maybe he will change his mind and do his job!


Claude Michel Taillefer 09.09.2013 13:26

Russia, China, Iran know this is in preparation to build a pipeline/alternative to Russian Gaz supply to Europe and getting Saudi oil out other than the Straight of Hormuz.
A six year old kid can understand what is going on here. You think some of the oldest civilizations on the planet do not ? This will end very badly.


Claude Michel Taillefer 09.09.2013 13:25

They won't meet with Russian elected officials because they are too busy with the AIPAC lobby.
As a citizen told the Poker addict McCain. "Your a bunch of Marshmellows.
Sa dly another conflict the US can not afford. Looking at the results in Libya, Afganistan and Irak, Egypt the end result will be total destruction of stability and institutions and the minute the Americans leave in defeat (admitted or not) things will take their normal course as they have for thousands of years in the middle east.


The plague 09.09.2013 12:58

Good riddance.
The russians are being too nice and polite to even accept talking with warmongering fanatics.


Don McCoy 07.09.2013 17:38

It isn't Boenher's job to meet with Russian delegates. Besides, he can't make any agreements with them. Anything he talked about would be shot down by PARTISAN N CHIEF Obama because it was a product of a Republican showing him up because HE can't deal with Putin. It would be a wast of time...but it's Kerry's job anyway. However, it seems Russia is smart enough to know they need to circumvent the regime to make any progress...


James 07.09.2013 05:52

Wonderful American strategy for solving problems; Don't talk or listen to anyone who doesn't agree with you.

The only thing America has is a hammer and every problem looks like a nail to them.


Joe Dixon 07.09.2013 03:41

When I first saw the headline about Boener refusing to meet with the Russian delegation, I automatically thought it was because of Russia's flaccid attitude to the gay agenda's proselytizing. I then realized it was none of this and turned out to be the pretty mundane subject of Syria of which the US is throwing a tantrum over Russia's refusal to roll over and play dead on this issue. Boener hates the fact that Putin doesn't allow Russia to act like the US puppet states of Britain and Canada who act like trained seals and will have any foreign policy that the US tells them to have.


Peter Pope Jones 06.09.2013 14:08

Again, what a "BONER" this IDIOT man Boehner truly is.
He and McCain along with a long lst of others need to truly


Damon Nguyen 06.09.2013 11:15

Kerry have no shame when he said that. Obama will stand with al Qaeda after killed their leader???? White House's policies are totally disaster after all. Will have a big negative impact on next election. I feel sorry for our nation future is in a hand of old gags ( Pelosi, Kerry and McCain, Boehner).I can't stand to look at their faces on public, sad !


alotta fagina 06.09.2013 11:10

Daddy they took my snowden toy and they dont wanna give it back :( I dont wanna talk to bad man anymore


Delete This Comment 06.09.2013 09:45

The pro-Russian position is not receiving enough positive publicity.
If you can find congressmen who agree with or are at least willing to listen to the assertions from the Russian side; their position could be amplified (through the American people) to gaining support from other congressmen who may be undecided on this issue.


Delete This Comment 06.09.2013 09:45

Boehner probably would not have been willing to meet with a Russian Delegation over ANY issue.
A rejection from HIM alone, is not really a good reason for cancelling the visit.
The Congressional opinion is fractured on Russia.
There is no power vertical in the US.
You could try to find a group of congressmen who are supportive of Russia's position on this issue, and meet with them.


Delete This Comment 06.09.2013 09:16

Oh, no.
Why are they cancelling the delegation visit because of Boehner?
This was a great idea for Russian Duma members to visit the US and talk directly to members of Congress.
It would have provided a great PR opportunity for Russia to engage directly with the American People.
There should be SOME members of Congress who are willing to talk with a Russian Delegation, aren't there?
This is very sad.
Please don't give up on US.
It would have been great just for members of the Duma to visit the USA for any reason, to try to give a more positive impression of Russia to the mainstream American Public.

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