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Not one byte! German telecom giant plans to rout foreign spooks

14.10.2013 14:17

Germany’s largest telecom provider, Deutsche Telekom, is looking to introduce a “national routing” service which would keep German internet traffic out of the hands of foreign spies.

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mergon 26.07.2014 09:27

People seem to forget that the internet was designed for military use in the first conception ,when the government saw the trillions to made they let it go public.

\nothing is safe on the net despite all of the fake domestic security packages on sale fact is if you run a comms company you cant go into business unless you hand over the ic keys to the government thats a fact of life they use homeland security regs to enforce this once your up and running they will offer you big tax discounts for the information , they want to steal the publics information but they dont want any one stealing theirs !


jabeen 12.12.2013 11:46

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) now offering you a SIM information as well as Verification system to address connected risks on security and to ensure subscription regulations in cellular sector.


phil 15.10.2013 09:26

@Rikk Gk. ??Why do you SUPPORT the NSA in its data grapping activities?? You said 'Selling private info to outsiders is treason.' & 'We are having our personal information stolen from us'. Surely if you take such a nationalitsic and defensive view which is deeply suspicous of other countries, it would stand to reason that you support preemptive action. If everyone took the same Weltanschauung as you, everyone would have to spy on everyone else.


Rikk GK 15.10.2013 07:00

We are having our personal information stolen from us and sent to America and Israel... That traitor should be hung, drawn and quartered! Selling private info to outsiders is treason... That pork chop needa to be punnished!!! How would he like it if i stole his bank details and peered into his windows at home? I'd go to jail for invading his human right to privacy, tresspassing and breach of the data protection act. What now Cammers? Sell us to outsiders as slaves to work for your CEO bum-chums?


Amanda Rivera 15.10.2013 06:07

And to think, all this started because a few people started speaking out about the NSA datamining against the citizens of its own country. Then one man told all of us. We're just as mad. Our tech people are working on the same things you are. A way to protect ourselves from our own government. Our hearts, the peoples hearts (not the government), go out to you, our allies. What happened against to you isn't right. One doesn't snoop on one's friends. But apparently our government feels itself is suspicious, too. Because we the people who make up the country America are in the same boat as you are.


Ron Chandler 15.10.2013 01:52

EMP New Haven and Bullhead Creek Data Centres. That's the way to deal with 'spionen'!


Johnnycage 14.10.2013 19:25

If they really wanted to keep German internet data away from teh NSA the first step would be to address the friendship between teh GCHQ and the NSA.


Revolutionary 14.10.2013 18:11

if it's connected to the internet it's not safe, PERIOD! doesn't matter how your route the traffic.


milton 14.10.2013 17:59

Obama & NSA are completely out of control.


Joerg 14.10.2013 16:35

well, US rents or supplies server inside Germany and inside the big, big Companies.


Carlos Gomez 14.10.2013 16:24

trouble with this is simple. NSA has a new way to get around it by reading fingerprints from the user's that go to web sites. See, no way around it.

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