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‘We Won't Pay’: Greek activists reconnect power to poverty-stricken homes

08.08.2013 06:42

With a Eurozone record of 27 percent of Greeks unemployed, people are taking a pro-active approach to the crisis. Activists from the ‘We Won't Pay’ movement, which boasts 10,000 members, are illegally reconnecting power to hundreds of homes.

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rokag3 29.09.2013 02:47

About the Germans, they do not have to pay our Bill, but they have to pay the money they stoled us !
Fair isn't it ?


rokag3 29.09.2013 02:44

DinkumThinkum 08.08.2013 17:16

I could understand if they were refusing to pay taxes or some government fee but it doesn't seem right to expect to get free electricity or some other service that you really are using and does cost someone somewhere money. Who do they think should pay for their electricity? The Germans?


They put a lot of taxes in the electricity bill including a tv tax(even if you do not have tv set) that they shut down

The Greek constitution stipulate than in the current situation Greece must declare bankrupcy.

To defend the constitution is an obligation is'nt it ?


Jay Vee Ess 10.08.2013 18:17

A Marvellous Initiative from the Greeks, no vulnerable person should be left without power in the 21st Century. Like the 8ft Wookie...its does not make sense!


DW(Info Slayer) 09.08.2013 22:59

And I find it interesting others commenting negatively on Greece are ignorant in the knowledge that their countries(US and Germany for instance) have racked up TRILLIONS in debt ...but stay silent on these facts. Are you guys lazy and unproductive as well/ Of course not. You are being conned as well but the dogs haven't been turned on you .....yet.


DW(Info Slayer) 09.08.2013 22:57

Those attacking Greek people better get their heads out of the sand before its too late. It will happen all over the world even in Germany. The Greek debt is fake and even one of the lowest, so why are the other countries in debt? And to whom? This debt has been created out of thin air...bailouts going in and out of the country but staying on the balance sheet. Wake up world before Detroit comes to you too!!!


Maja Berger 09.08.2013 12:43



Rosemary Henke 09.08.2013 10:07

How much we're they in "debt"? How much did they borrow ? How much is " owed" now?


K K Singh 09.08.2013 07:04

We Won't Pay’ movement, which boasts 10,000 members, are illegally reconnecting power to hundreds of homes.
Great, salute your civil disobedience movement!!


Thubten Sangye 09.08.2013 04:03

No salary for politicians if no money for people.


Thubten Sangye 09.08.2013 03:58

Is Greek government suppose to serve the people or the business ?


Fancy Katt 09.08.2013 01:51

And therefore the resource based economy is born.

This is the start of it. Google Zeitgeist Movement and the Venus Project if you want to know more.

This group is the start of it.

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