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Future war: Arms industry shows off next-gen drones in London

13.09.2013 22:26

Reconnaissance gadgets and robotic warfare devices are getting smaller by the year, with James Bond like technology being offered to a wide range of buyers, from police forces to special military units.

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mergon 31.01.2014 11:52

And what is a prime factor in the sales pitch for selling drones ? well for one thing they dont take holidays,call in sick,or have babies, they dont need pensions or medical insurance ,their performance is not affected by going through a divorce they also dont need work clothes or vehicles that need tax insurance or mot, , so now you can see how much money your dept can save .
Then there are the side contracts where the police or government will pay your drone to gather information and pass it on ,different departments can share a drone and put even more people out of work !


mergon 31.01.2014 11:41

Of course one application would for a drone to fly over the nuclear power station thats leaking in the UK and give us all the true extent of the leak !
But then they are are not going to let anyone outside of government depts do that because they will have declared it a no fly zone !


mergon 31.01.2014 11:33

Its not all bad news, as a lot of tech savvy boys will recycling old microwave ovens and satellite dishes to scramble the the control signals of these invasive s.c.u.m !


AnonymousDeputy 14.09.2013 17:04

Your fate is Sealed! Check out the part were you run to the mountains to hide from the wrath of the Lamb! Your time is getting shorter by the seconds


AnonymousDeputy 14.09.2013 17:01

Lawlessness reaches new heights. Those who practice and support this evil better repent! Your time is short. We see how advanced war machines has empowered the elite evils of our time. beasts of the fields will never be the field. Every knees will bend and every head will bow. What part did you miss? Every power will give way and every power/authority will surrender to the Lord! Your time is VERY short!


Kwonka Bomera 14.09.2013 16:18

now when these drones are hacked may be by other countries and used to harm other nations who will take responsiblity


JB 14.09.2013 13:16

The brazen nature of the challenge to the Russian Govt for lawful activity reminds us of the completely criminal character of the US-Israel Regime & its puppets such as the UK. Under well established doctrine of international law, all those whose work promotes aggressive war are liable to the death penalty as well as to the forfeiture of their estates. _Verb sap_, as they say. BTW why do the editors here permit the pollution here of those bogus ads?


uncaged rage 14.09.2013 06:09

If they would only make them as toys instead of killing machines :-(


Darian Alexander 14.09.2013 05:23

No one's wife or daughters will be safe from these gadgets; be warned!!

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