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Russia’s ‘Mark Zuckerberg’ caught in web of criminal accusations, police searches, and big money deals

17.04.2013 18:02

In the past fortnight, Pavel Durov, the 28-year-old founder of Russia’s biggest social network, has been accused of running over a policeman, had his home and office searched, whilst his partners sold a large share of the firm – despite his wishes.

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Hussain Syed Taimoor 18.04.2013 20:33

Atleast Russian police is not like US, otherwise he would have been shot dead by now!

Anonymous user 18.04.2013 13:25

uhhh, i think you mean 'Pavel Durov' and not 'Mark Zuckerberg' in the heading.....

Anonymous user 18.04.2013 03:34

how many lives of Russians orphans does it cost to create/sustain one of these sicko oligarchs?

Anonymous user 18.04.2013 02:06

If guilty, put him behind bars for life! no favoritism because of wealth or connections.


Robert Olson 18.04.2013 02:01

Looks like the cop was trying to get a pay off.. Illegally pull someone over and ask them for money..

Anonymous user 18.04.2013 01:13

I wonder if he had time to "friend" Putin and his sidekick Medvedev before shitaki hit the fan..

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