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Ecuador protests denial of US visas for plaintiffs in Chevron oil damages case

21.09.2013 03:35

Ecuador’s foreign ministry announced on Friday that the US has seemingly denied visas to a delegation that was set to travel to the UN General Assembly in New York to present their case regarding an ongoing dispute against Chevron-Texaco.

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inconsequential 22.10.2013 18:52

UNHQ needs to be removed from the United States and their work suspended until the UN can legitimize itself through prosecution of the Clinton, Bush II, and Obama administrations.

As far as Correa is concerned, as an American, I can only wish for a president as legitimate as he. I suggest RT leaves this article and the photo of Correa up for much longer than most articles as it will surely be infamous one day.


adani kalombi 24.09.2013 21:21

Denial of Visa to south American leaders,,,,,HHHhhhmm m,,,, is the UN became
GESTABO the Nazi era ,,,, can ANYONE tell ?,,, where the freedom of speech , and common liberty has gone ??? I feel Sorry 4 you AMERICA


groingo 24.09.2013 21:20

Further reason NOT to deal with the US Economically.


Mike Littlefield 24.09.2013 14:15

I am an American and I hate this country, too. I'm just waiting around to welcome the Russian Army when the world has finally had enough of us.


Rani Muller 23.09.2013 13:24

In the consitution of Ecuador nature has rights.
When an American company recently dumped rubble in an Ecuadorian river, Vilcabamba, the company was taken to court, yes, by a river.
The river won!
Since a river does not need monetary compensation, the company was ordered to clean up the mess and restore the river to its original state.
In the above case, may 'pachamama', i.e. the rights of the earth and the rights of human beings to live in a healthy environment, prevail.
Frackin g and drilling for oil and gas in the Arctic, oil spills and leaking nuclear water in our oceans are against the rights of the earth!


Guy St H. 22.09.2013 16:32

George Carlin " You have to be asleep to believe the American dream"


George 22.09.2013 01:29

I've long thought the UN should be located in a neutral country.


bleeddonor 21.09.2013 19:13

Wait, what's that? Another reason to be ashamed to be American?

E verybody needs to realize that they do this even while engaging in what potentially an even more exploitative process of oil exploration here on U.S. soil.

So the efforts here to avoid responsibility for their actions and to escape judgement will ultimately come back to bite America and hard... very, very hard.


groingo 21.09.2013 15:40

Looks like the UN needs to be mobile, to go where they are needed when needed and not anchored by an building in any single location, that eliminates petty bickering among host countries...US hint!

Bette r yet it should be able to take place via secure teleconference, that would definitely speed processes up.


Marc Letourneau 21.09.2013 15:37

The United Nations should be in a new country called 'United Nations" or "World Federation". This new nation would be specially created to be independent of all other nations, with its own army to protect the peace, and its own tribunals. The countries should be ruled by it for things that are planetary concern as pollution, nuclear weapons, wars, etc. Positions in this governing body should not be held by politicians but by the wisest of all scientists so they would be smart enough to understand the problems the planet is facing. It is not going to happen soon though unfortunately...


Rick Negus 21.09.2013 15:29

R2D2 21.09.2013 04:48
Everyone wants the US dollar, the US life style and US investment, but don't like the US.

Learn to do it yourself, like your own country and life or just shut up.................. ....

R2D2, you disillusioned soul, have you never left Kansas, there is a great big world out there that wants nothing to do with your "American Dream" as it continues to rot from the inside. Denial is a river that runs through the heartland of America, how many mass shootings in the last week? It is an American Nightmare.

Your pal,


abas 21.09.2013 14:09

The Empire Strikes again!

Is it a Genocide? Is it a Proxy war? Is it a global Espionage? Is it Austerity? No. Its the Killa Drilla!

Ser iously, until the American public grow bigger Balls and over throw the government, facts will remain.

Americans should read history and understand Israel was was established by Zionists. Who steers US? Zionists do because they control Corporate America, the Stock exchange, Bank, Fed, Media and ofcourse Whitehouse and whoever they choose as next president. Thats the game. To make it Game Over, some drastic action is needed internally with external help. Good luck, its some task.


groingo 21.09.2013 13:41

Time to move the UN OUT of the US so people and countries may actually participate without US interference.

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