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'Unacceptable': Third of English kids have no chance to get decent education

27.11.2012 18:05

A study by Ofsted, England’s education watchdog, has found 30% of English schools are under-performing. With over 2 million children affected, a league table system will be set up to “name and shame” underachieving schools.

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a sanchez 12.05.2013 05:27

The English should do what they want to do in the USA,
send them military recruiters to schools were children don't have an opportunity to education.

nice flow of military men and women to feed the guillotine.
sell them a lemon with promise of money for college then if they actually make it back in one piece with any sort of mental or physical abnormalities, pass their so called benefits to a federal organization who is as oiled as a dinosaur and even then have the audacity to tax their college benefits.

works for America,

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