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At least 53 killed, over 200 wounded as Egypt protests turn violent

06.10.2013 14:23

Egyptian celebrations of the 40th anniversary of the Arab-Israeli War were marred by a fresh wave of violence, with at least 53 people killed and over 200 wounded in clashes between police and supporters of ousted President Mohammed Morsi.

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John D Stoller 07.10.2013 17:13

What does Egypt have to celebrate regarding the October, 1973 war with Israel? A sneak attack followed by an overwhelming defeat !!! I thought that RT was better at reporting history.


George Rizk 07.10.2013 14:42

What is going on in Egypt is identical to what has been happening in Syria. Outside money,arms, and mercenaries are infiltrating the crowd to cause havoc. The tribal/venison nature of the Arab Muslims dictates chain reaction.

T he Egyptian security forces are reasonably good, and may have a chance of neutralizing the Muslim Brotherhood and al Qaeda fighters. But, my bet is on the Muslim Brotherhood side? They are small in number, but slow bleeding can exhaust any country, especially a bankrupted one like Egypt. Violence kills tourism. Unemployment leads to exposure to militant Islam paid for by the Saudis.


Samuel von Staunton 07.10.2013 14:00

PeaceKeeper 07.10.2013 03:34

Saudi Arabia is public enemy # 1 . . . The Saudi Wahhabist sect is the most fanatic Extremist movement in the world and is devoted to jihad all over the world. Is supporting these criminals the price of using their oil?


You hit the nail on the head there.


Samuel von Staunton 07.10.2013 13:55

Mohamed Darweesh 06.10.2013 19:30

People in the streets now are totally innocent.I can send you dozens of videos recording the brutal actions of the military. Muslimbrotherhood never used force agqinst civilians.


I'm not denying that brutality. But the Brotherhood, at the outset of the coup, organised mobs to storm army positions and government buildings to retake power. There are videos of that as well. Even if all in the Streets are innocent, which is debatable, the army's perception of them was coloured by those attempts, just as the Brotherhood's view of the army was by the coup.


reality14 07.10.2013 11:06

Zionism is Rabies now this dangerous virus spread from israel to Egypt military it could cause and cost more innocent civilian lose, the arabs dictators already had been caught by this dirty virus


reality14 07.10.2013 11:00

Zionism is deadly animal disease that not only israel but Arabs dictators and Egypt military are caught by this animal disease


Red_Shiraz 07.10.2013 10:14

This is not a revenge by Muslim brotherhood,just trying to undermine the celebration by Egyptian revolutionaries for getting rid Wahhabism out of their constitution nor is about the victorious Egyptian military war of 1973 against Zionist filthy dogs.This is about Salafists,being ordered by their benefactors(Zionists and Jesuits) to sabotage "Naserizm" and the possible rebirth of Arab nationalism.Pan Arabism is the ultimate weapon for the total destruction of Zionism in ME and North Africa and that is why western Luciferians are so scared of Arab unity.


gary stewart 07.10.2013 09:56

Islam is a virus


Tom Hansen 07.10.2013 06:29

The Norwegian press is not talking about this at all. im starting to think that the Egyptian army is US-controlled.


Common Ali 07.10.2013 03:06

It looks like that this October 6th had nothing to do with Arab vs. Israeli war. It had every thing to do with, how to terminate the Muslim Brotherhood and their supporters.


kc 07.10.2013 02:47

This is the work of the fascist globalist west. Creating chaos all over the world so that they can control the nation .


Chris Snyder 07.10.2013 01:48

Hopefully only MB people got killed. If they want sharia law they are okay with dying because that is part of the culture.

to Steve: The MB is not a US ally (contrary to what Fox may say) - MB was better than Mubarek until the MB showed their true intentions. This is why non-Muslims need to let Muslims work out their own problems... today's good guys are tomorrow's bad guys.


Marlein Quadros Dos Santos Pinheiro 07.10.2013 00:43

@Marcel Maybe you should learn some more!

Matth ew 5
39 But I tell you, don’t resist him who is evil; but whoever strikes you on your right cheek, turn to him the other also.
44 But I tell you, love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you, and pray for those who mistreat you and persecute you, 45 that you may be children of your Father who is in heaven. For he makes his sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the just and the unjust.
48 Therefore you shall be perfect, just as your Father in heaven is perfect.


Marlein Quadros Dos Santos Pinheiro 07.10.2013 00:33

@Marcel Wow you condemn more people than your god! Way to go! You can easily join the Jihad! I don't pick sides, 'cause all in war are evil. And I don't want to speak for God like you do, but bad interpretations like yours are exactly the cause of christian, jewish and islamic wars. God had nothing to do with it.
Exodus 20:13 “You shall not murder"!


Marlein Quadros Dos Santos Pinheiro 06.10.2013 23:37

Marcel C 06.10.2013 22:57

Do you mean the fake Koran of the false prophet of lies or the true word of God,the Beginning and the End,the Alpha and the Omega ?


Oh my God, you're scary! Your idea of God is totally messed up! Stop living in the Old Testament! You're just as bad as all other fundamentalists. God is love not hate! Men create war and evil, not God! This is not the will of God! He had no messages to Islam 'cause Islam didn't exist during the time of Ezekiel.


alotta fagina 06.10.2013 22:45

Who cares the police in US kill more innocent people than that let them kill each other it will work itself out


Marlein Quadros Dos Santos Pinheiro 06.10.2013 22:23

Brian Nadeau 06.10.2013 22:14

Muslim Brotherhood = CIA/Saudi


No that's not true. The US fights against terrorists AND supports them whatever is more useful to in what current situation. At the moment supporting them by for example supplying weapons is not like they agree with them, but to make a way for the US to get more influence in those countries without getting their hands dirty. Very clever, but also very immoral.


Marlein Quadros Dos Santos Pinheiro 06.10.2013 21:52

Marcel C 06.10.2013 21:48

Qui t living in the past and deal with what is going on now,today !


Really funny you said that. Who's relying on an ancient book?


Marlein Quadros Dos Santos Pinheiro 06.10.2013 21:22

@Marcel C I'm not the one judging. Like I said, there are no good guys, not the Muslim Brotherhood, nor the ones bringing 'democracy'. Religion of hate is a term that can be a label to all sorts of religion. In the name of Jesus Christ thousand of tribes were vaquished or enslaved. How do natives in the North and South America feel about Christianity do you think? Western culture is just as macho as Arabic culture with just a different package.
You think the western world is at peace? Tell that to your therapist.

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