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Post-coup violence in Egypt: LIVE UPDATES

30.06.2013 20:54

Scores are dead as Egypt descends into chaos following a brutal crackdown on massive sit-ins in support of deposed President Mohamed Morsi. Morsi supporters have been rallying since July 3 demanding his reinstatement.

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Richard Wooden 13.10.2013 17:28

I am perplexed as to the arguments that favor the ex president Morsi who came into Office after the overthrow of Hosni Mubarak by the Egyptian citizens. The main argument was that Mr Morsi was democratically elected and should not have been deposed, however we must note in both cases the provisions of the Constitution were perhaps ignored.


Susan Cummings 22.08.2013 06:42

I believe this Administration assisted the unfortunate situation in Egypt. I have never been more embarrassed to be part of this country, as I am now. I love America, but this is not who we really are. God Bless America and Egypt!


donriver 21.08.2013 08:10

Egypt depends on tourism but now because of what is being done to the Coptic minority the tourism is finished-no one will want to go there!


IndianBTB 20.08.2013 00:13

No idea who is right or wrong.... However its easy to find who is righteous and who is bad... Just wait for U.S to revoke support from egypt... If they did then that government is righteous.


Yasser Ghanem 18.08.2013 21:24

Egypt's internal affairs has become all of sudden everyone's business. It is nice for people to show concern, but who are you to judge what we do?.
If I am not mistaken; The US and its allies (France, UK & Germany to name a few) are responsible for the distraction of Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan.

The solidarity shown by Arab states, led by Saudi Arabia, as well as the world strength of Russia and China will put an end into this stupid mess.

US, & its allies, popularity and credibility is at all time low. This is a moment of truth and opportunity for all “Good Men” to show their true colors.


fran7 18.08.2013 10:38

Egypt,s military coup has caused death and destruction to innocent citizens of Egypt and is fully backed by Billions of USA dollars which is given to Egyptian military to suppress the people.


hawaiiguy 18.08.2013 09:22

What no "No Fly Zone" seems kind of hypocritical!

- Gaddafi's Ghost -


George Edwards 17.08.2013 22:03

Although I would not be considered an authority on Middle Eastern conflict resolution, some distinct similarities in socio-political transformations are occurring here as have in numerous insular cultures. Social identity formation or admonition of, plays a key role in such conflicts. In my studies, the absence of and/or retraction of plausible/probable socio-economic self fulfillment/empowerm ent (as enunciated via third part state actors) correlated empirically with violent political activism. In simple terms they are told to become free and rich, and in embellished futility become eternal mortal enemies.


Maynard 17.08.2013 04:39

Until women are included in any and all governmental processes, nothing will happen. The hologram, Sister Water, Sister Earth. This also looks to me like an E.L.F. attack, generate the feeling for demonstrations, then switch to paradox mind state- make them riot. Just what military wants. Airfarce (U.S.) is enemy.


Carlos 16.08.2013 22:23

All said and done however, the Revolution was hijacked by Mubarak's former political and military lackeys and to secure power the ordinary people of Egypt are paying the cost in blood. The people of Egypt need to understand one thing about revolution. It is won in blood because that is always the cost of freedom from tyranny. You cannot give power back to those you took it from in the first place, Remember Mubarak came from the military. A future Egyptian leader needs to come from the ranks of the revolution itself. This will give you at least the chance to build something new.

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