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Egypt’s opposition claims to have 22 million signatures for Morsi’s resignation ahead of mass protests

29.06.2013 18:14

Pressure on embattled Islamist President Mohammed Morsi is building, as opposition claim more people want him to resign, than those who voted him into office. There are fears that huge protest rallies scheduled for Sunday will descend into violence.

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Anonymous user 30.06.2013 16:04

when he started to hate on Syria the people said enough is enough time to get ou

Anonymous user 30.06.2013 11:42

What does Moesy and his boyfriends want?

Anonymous user 30.06.2013 11:21

Egypt should be divided into 3 countries. Allah wants this. Amen.

Anonymous user 30.06.2013 10:42

Ecudorean nuclear bananas with hairy persian f-skins just touched down on all anti-assad a$$caves.

Anonymous user 30.06.2013 10:07

The Maharaja Indian Army will also work with GREAT ISRAEL to wipe out persia & white russia. Amen.

Anonymous user 30.06.2013 10:06

Allah hates persia. Pakistan is a good slave of GREAT ISRAEL. Allah LOVES Pakistan.

Anonymous user 30.06.2013 08:54

Most Muslim countries recognize ISRAEL as their leader. May Allah bless the GREAT State of ISRAEL?

Anonymous user 30.06.2013 07:46

Morsi doesn't care he will stay there & steal as much as he can before next election.

Anonymous user 30.06.2013 07:06

The ROOT of all these wars is IsraHELL,once the Evil nest is obliterated there b PEACE on Earth.

Anonymous user 30.06.2013 07:04

We, the people of Pakistan, send 1 million of us everyday to our Master Devil, to shine shoes.Amen

Anonymous user 30.06.2013 06:47

Minar-e-Pakistan was built by GREAT ISRAELI Experts. May Allah support ISRAEL?

Anonymous user 30.06.2013 05:22

How many thousands of unarmed Egyptian protestors have been slaughtered by Morsi's thugs by now???

Anonymous user 30.06.2013 05:15

In a few hours we will see if there are 22 million people on the streets of Egypt If So Morsi goes

Anonymous user 30.06.2013 05:11

i hope the Egyptian ppl get a fair and just outcome to all of this; no more NWO/OWN interference

Anonymous user 30.06.2013 05:02

US hijacked Egypt's populist revolution. Morshi is a puppet. Free Gaza.


Boon Tee Tan 30.06.2013 04:56

What has the "Arab Spring", so highly anticipated two years ago, eventually brought about in Middle East and North Africa?
Egypt is at the brink of civil war, Syria already lost near 100,000 lives and still counting, Libya remains unsettling, Yemen and Bahrain (threatened by severe undercurrents) are uneasy.
Which nations would want to take responsibility for the current scary mess?

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