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Clashes, tear gas, blasts: Egypt meets third anniversary of revolution

25.01.2014 09:53

Three years after Hosni Mubarak’s ouster, Egyptians are meeting the revolution anniversary split between the Muslim Brotherhood and the army. Relentless protests and terror acts plague the country, with at least 49 dead in clashes on Saturday.

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Veritas 26.01.2014 12:48

You can tell whether an uprising is genuine or not by the amount of support it gets from the West. On that account it seems to be a genuine uprising.


BE Macomber 25.01.2014 20:10

To draw a circle around all who are against the current military regime as MB's is yellow journalism. Most who support freedom, justice, and bread in Egypt, and beyond are not practicing the Islam faith. A fight for freedom in Egypt is not going to go away even as the next re-incarnation of handsome uniform with a mega ego becomes president. Attacking ethical journalists in tandem to economic upheaval stems from an identical systemic pot of caca. Egypt is awash in corruption with a military controlling over 30% of the economy @ the people who prefer to stay at the trough than bring a living democracy into permanence.


Commander 25.01.2014 18:03

It's a very sad situation in this historical and ancient 'land of the Nile'. What a tragedy to see the unending division, turmoil, chaos and violence. There is much suffering and instability for the common and everyday people of Egypt.


The Monk 25.01.2014 16:38

Another example that religion and government do NOT mix. Jesus figured it out with the rendering unto Caesar quote. The Middle East is mired with governments based on religion. Look at Lebanon. It was peaceful until the religious radicals got involved. Iran seems to be a problem when the Mullahs get involved with foreign affairs. Syria and Egypt are in flames do to religion verses the secular. Forget the Arabian peninsula.
Only Israel seems to have figured much of it out internally. The Israeli Arabs complain little. The complaints are from the Palestinians in the Gaza and West Bank. Religion again.


George Rizk 25.01.2014 16:25

The MB, are driven by a hate dogma to any modern ways! That include respecting women. This CAVEMAN ideologies is common in the Arab golf states and Saudi Wahhabi cult. Its ways of convincing other Muslims to support them is : the Prophet went to wars, and encouraged jihad against the unbelievers? The MB then go and name any one who is not growing a beard or any woman who is not covered head to toe a KAFIR = godless! Then they site passages from the Koran that says Kafirs are enemies of god, and must be killed? Voila! That is the whole MB dogma in a nutshell.


George Rizk 25.01.2014 16:09

You know about a place called Myanmar? That country was under a dictatorship for about 30 years! Law, and order, and clean streets, and practically Zero crimes. A couple of years ago, America wanted to use its cheep labor? So they sent Hillary Clinton to open the relation?

S ince then, almost every other day there is a clash between Myanmar's Muslims minorities and the government and the typically peaceful Buddhists?

The moral of this story is there are two components for civil unrest 1- Muslims. 2- the CIA


tzacharias 25.01.2014 14:14

Sonny 25.01.2014 13:56

Is rael.


Try this for size: God.


Sonny 25.01.2014 13:56

Lilly OfTheValley 25.01.2014 13:47

Egypt was much safer under the Western protege Mubarak. I wonder who decided to destabilize a peaceful country.


Is rael.

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