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Egypt’s security forces bring tanks to storm Islamist stronghold outside Cairo (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

19.09.2013 14:58

A police general was killed and at least nine policemen were wounded in clashes between militants on Thursday just outside Cairo during a military operation backed by dozens of tanks and helicopters.

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Zindo Gul 06.10.2013 19:59

what is the exact definition of extremism is a very big delima for the unbiased/fair minded inhabitants of the planet............. Morsi was not good, was promoting extremism ............... but, today military is good, though they are killing peaceful protesters .


Tom Hansen 23.09.2013 14:01

Please answer me, is the Egyptian army pro Russian or pro American?


Johnnie Boer 20.09.2013 07:31

Extremist iSlam is a serious threat to the Free World. The Egyptian people have rejected extremist iSlam, in the form of the mUslim Brotherhood (America's Big Buddy), and for that the Free World is supposed to be thankful. The Egyptian Military only intervened when they people of Egypt overwhelmingly showed their opposition to the mUslim Brotherhood government. If the Morsi Government had 1 year more in charge they would have removed all the moderate military leaders and replaced them with extremist terrorists. Then the military and the region would have been lost to freedom forever.


Terry Mckinney 19.09.2013 21:42

It's back to outlawing the muslim brotherhood.A group that couldn't take a little time to solidify power before showing it's sharia law plans.Religion has no place in government.Just look at the insanity in the American born again tea party.Look at how anyone running for President has to kow tow to religion of the christians in that country.Look at the damage done by Harper and his born again Alberta dominated party.No science,no evidence,just pie in the sky.


Romany Thomas 19.09.2013 19:02

rt-themonk- Don't take about uneducation while you have this vision of Turkey. Seems like you never heard any of the Christians in Turkey complaining about being neglected by the government! Or may be this is democracy in your eyes! What Sashka said is 100% right. The terrorist are support by America. USA is the one who trained Bin Laden, USA is the one who formed Jihadists in Shishan to annoy the Russians. It's all for their stupid dollar not for the claimed democracy !


rt-themonk 19.09.2013 17:58

Sashka26FW- your analysis is an uneducated and biased response. Israel has nothing to do with this. It seems that Islam and Democracy are incompatible. Other than in Turkey whose leading party softened it's Islamic rhetoric, whenever they take a leading roll in the leads to more and more Islamic laws and restrictions. Minority religions and secularists are not part of the equation and at best...marginalized. At worst...discriminate d against.
So what is the answer? Either a change of Islamic heart (doubtful) or a secular government that has as it's first principal...freedom of and from religion.


Sashka26FW 19.09.2013 17:33

will US also support jihad in Egypt? .. finally the whole world can see terrorist are supported by the WEST..they are ARMED and FED.. and USED to kill and destroy nations that are not slaves to Israel..

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