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'Last warning': Turkey PM Erdogan vows to clear Taksim of 'troublemakers'

13.06.2013 15:00

Turkey’s PM has issued a “final warning” for protesters, saying they will be removed from Istanbul’s Taksim Square. The Interior Ministry has ordered a probe into excessive use of force by police, while protesters prepare for further clashes.

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Kachina888 16.06.2013 17:01

Criminals Rule The World, now, and if anyone needs to go it is those individuals in government that enslave a people for its own agenda! Politicians have turned themselves into a new is called, The Sons of Satan! Politicians have sold their soul for greed and power and in the end it will be their turn to face their own deterimental fate in the Courts of Heaven!

Anonymous user 16.06.2013 02:03

Tayyip, your country's now split & ripe for full-blown revolution. The genie's out of the bottle.

Anonymous user 15.06.2013 02:32

why isn't the media covering the police brutality in brazil!? come on rt!

Anonymous user 15.06.2013 02:32

how about brazil!? report on the rest of the world!!!!!!

Anonymous user 14.06.2013 22:30

its time for the Turkish citizens to give the PM a "last warning", he just another western puppet

Anonymous user 14.06.2013 17:57

Hope it stay's peaceful the future !
Hope islam people will organize a peaceful festival too.

Anonymous user 14.06.2013 16:24

Mr. Erdogan is showing an interesting signal with his left hand, if viewed from side it is 666.

Anonymous user 14.06.2013 14:59

Turkey will soon leave NATO and Join the Russian Front. It's Biblical, and you can't change that!

Anonymous user 14.06.2013 14:20

People are starting to join in a comon cause, its called empathy. power robs the weak of this.

Anonymous user 14.06.2013 14:13

Some one send arms to the protesters,be interesting to see the shoe on the other foot for a change.

Anonymous user 14.06.2013 11:31

Turkey is in Agenda 21. Wake up people!

Anonymous user 14.06.2013 11:03

Interesting 2 C which lil' Piggies hav their Pudgy Porkers in that Construction Deal Pie of the Park

Anonymous user 14.06.2013 09:53

UK has invested in water cannons since the so called London riots

Anonymous user 14.06.2013 09:00

Those people from Bilderberg/New World Order/Federal Reserve Bank (FED) are organizing this protest

Anonymous user 14.06.2013 08:59

Women who are protesting with man and sleeping with man. What a joke those ANTI-Islamic people.

Anonymous user 14.06.2013 02:59

The Germans and Turks worst Mass Murderers in History trying to teach lessons??????

Anonymous user 14.06.2013 02:53

Erdogun is slaugtering Innocents in Syria with the Murderous FILTH he sends in through Turkey.

Anonymous user 14.06.2013 02:51

Erdogun is a Brutal Tyrant also a Lap Dog of the REGIME IN WASHINGTON.

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